DIF環境下におけるノースポール (Chrysanthemum paludosum 'North Pole') 下胚軸の伸長成長解析  [in Japanese] Analysis of hypocotyl elongation of Chrysanthemum paludosum 'North Pole' under DIF conditions  [in Japanese]

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ノースポール(<I>Chrysanthemum paludosum</I> 'North Pole')を対象として,3通りの昼夜間温度差(DIF)条件, +10 DIF(明期25°C/暗期15°C), 0 DIF(20°C/20°C), -10 DIF (15°C/25°C)で下胚軸の伸長成長量を画像計測システムを用いて10分毎に6日間連続計測した. その結果, 計測開始2日目(播種10日後)の一日の伸長成長量は+10 DIF で0.5 mm, 0 DIFで0.42 mm,-10 DIFで0.2mmとなり, DIF値が大きいほど一日の伸長成長量が大きくなった.<BR>明期および暗期における伸長成長量は, 明期にDIF値が大きくなると伸長成長量も大きくなる傾向が認められるが, 一方, 暗期ではDIF値による伸長成長量の違いは認められなかった. これらの伸長プロフィールを画像による連続計測データから解析したところ, 伸長成長パターンについては+10 DIFと0 DIFの伸長成長パターンはよく似ており, ぞれぞれ明期開始3時間後, 5時間後に顕著な伸長が認められれるが, -10 DIFでは明期暗期ともに顕著な伸長成長は認められず, 明期開始8時間後(14時頃)に若干の増加傾向が観察された程度であった. また, 顕著な伸長成長の持続時間もDIF値が大きいほど長いことが明らかとなり, 明期の伸長成長量がDIF環境下におけるノースポールの一日の伸長成長量に大きな影響を与えていることが明らかとなった.

Hypocotyl elongation in <I>Chrysanthemum paludosum</I> 'North Pole' at three different day/night temperature combinations (15/25°C, 20/20°C, 25/15°C) were measured and analyzed using an image processing technique. Experiments were conducted in growth chambers where photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) of 150μmol m<sup>-2</sup> s<sup>-1</sup> on the canopy level with a 12h photoperiod was provided by fluorescent lamps. Images of ten plants were acquired and stored every 10 minutes for 5 days. The stored images were analyzed using a software developed in-house applying a subpixel estimation with an area-based pattern-matching algorithm. It was clear that daily hypocotyl elongation was 0.5mm at +10 DIF, 0.42mm at 0 DIF, 0.2 mm at -10 DIF on the second day of the experiment which was the tenth day after sowing, and daily hypocotyl elongation was enhanced as DIF increased. Analyzing the elongation profiles using image processing, remarkable elongation was observed three hours after the light period started under the +10 DIF condition. The elongation pattern under the 0 DIF condition closely resembled that under +10 DIF, and elongation increased remarkably five hours after the light period started. However, clear elongation was not observed in either the light or dark period under the -10 DIF condition, although some upward tendency was demonstrated 8 hours after the light period started. It was also found that the temporal duration of remarkable elongation under +10 and 0 DIF conditions became longer as DIF increased.<BR>It was demonstrated that daily elongation of <I>Chrysanthemum paludosum</I> 'North Pole'was mainly influenced by elongation during the light period.


  • Shokubutsu Kojo Gakkaishi  

    Shokubutsu Kojo Gakkaishi 20(1), 2-7, 2008-03-01 

    Japanese Society of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Engineers and Scientists

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