Stage IV 胃癌の亜分類の検討  [in Japanese] Subclassification of stage IV gastric cancer  [in Japanese]

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胃癌取扱い規約のStage IV 185例を対象に亜分類を試みた.単変量解析および多変量解析にて,肝転移·腹膜播種(腹腔細胞診も含む)·リンパ節転移(3群以上)·他臓器浸潤·Stage IV因子数(1個と2∼4個)のうち,肝転移·腹膜播種が独立した予後因子であり,Stage IV因子数も予後因子となり得る可能性が示唆された.そこで,リンパ節転移単独(T1∼3N3∼)もしくは他臓器浸潤単独(T4N2)のStage IV A群とその他のStage IV B群を比較したところ,生存曲線において有意な差を認めた.さらに,Stage IV A群の生存曲線はStage III B群(25例)の生存曲線と差が認められなかった.<br>

We studied the prognosis of 185 stage IV gastric cancer cases. The univariate analysis and multivariate analysis suggested that liver metastases (H) and peritoneal disseminations (P) were prognostic factors, the number of factors may be it, and lymph nodes metastases (N) and invasion to the other organs (T) were not it. Based on these findings, we proposed a subclassification of stage IV: IVa [T1-3N3-or T4N2] and IVb [the others]. The survival rates for IVa significantly exceeded those of IVb and did not differ from those of 25 stage IIIb gastric cancer cases.<br>


  • Nippon Shokakibyo Gakkai Zasshi  

    Nippon Shokakibyo Gakkai Zasshi 105(3), 361-366, 2008-03-05 

    The Japanese Society of Gastroenterology

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