Prestin, motor protein in mammalian OHC Relationship between nonlinear capacitance in vitro and hearing in vivo

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    • MATSUDA Keiji
    • Department of the Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Miyazaki University, Faculty of Medicine (Miyazaki Medical College)


Nonlinear capacitance (NLC) is used as an indicator of prestin's function. It is well known that a numberof factors might directly affect the NLC, suggesting that those factors also modify the hearing level in vivo. However, we do not have sufficient data to explain the relationship between NLC in vitro and hearing in vivo. To date, elegant mutation works have demonstrated the functions of a motor protein on a molecular level. Prestin transgenic mouse will not only show the physiological role of prestin, but also facilitate the gradualrecognition of possible manifestations of prestin-induced hearing loss.


  • Ear Research Japan  

    Ear Research Japan 17(2), 85-90, 2007-05-25 


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