New Abutment Build-up Method Using FRP Combined with Metal Casting

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Recently, several fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) posts have been applied for abutment build up; however, it is still unclear what type of build up is preferable for a funnel-shaped root canal. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of a new abutment build-up method which combined an FRP post and metal core for a funnel-shaped root canal.<br>As the tooth for abutment build up, an epoxy artificial maxillary lateral incisor was used. The artificial tooth was cut in the cervix part and a funnel-shaped root canal was formed in the root. As the materials for abutment build up, a glass fiber-reinforced plastic post, core resin and gold-silver-palladium alloy were used. Abutment build up was performed using the following three methods: 1. Combination of an FRP post and core resin by the direct method (FP); 2. Conventional metal core by casting (MC); 3. Combination of an FRP post, core resin and coronal metal core (FM). In addition, as a control, an artificial tooth prepared for abutment (ET) was used. A destruction test was carried out to measure the destruction strength and observe the destruction aspect.<br>The destruction strength of FP was about 160N, significantly lower than that of MC, FM and ET. The destruction strength of FM showed the highest value of about 240N, but there was no significant difference among those of MC, FM and ET. When observing the specimen after the destruction test, FP, FM and ET were fractured or cracked near the cervix of the tooth, whereas MC was fractured near the center of the root.


  • Prosthodont Res. Pract.  

    Prosthodont Res. Pract. 7(2), 156-158, 2008-07-01 

    Japan Prosthodontic Society

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