Clinical Application of Flow Cytometry to Urological Malignancies

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Flow cytometric DNA analysis provides rapid, quantitative objective information regarding the biological behavior of urological malignancies. Moreover, clinical applications of the many recent advances made the flow cytometry are expected to materialize soon. For instance, flow cytometric DNA ploidy analysis for human bladder cancers may provide a significant diagnostic and prognostic potential. Also, flow cytometric DNA analysis of irrigation specimens produces a higher sensitivity than conventional cytology for detecting bladder cancer. However, there are obvious pitfalls with this approach since diploid or near-diploid tumors cannot always be recognized by DNA analysis alone. One of the most significant advantages possible with flow cytometry is its capability of analyzing simultaneously multiple parameter on single cells. The integration of the DNA content with proliferative activity should yield important information significant to the biological behavior of individual tumors. Flow cytometric DNA/bromodeoxy-uridine bivariate analysis can be used as an effective adjunct to histological examination for prognostication and decision-making in treatment of bladder cancer patients. Therefore, multiparameteric flow cytometric analysis can be used to isolate specific tumor cells from mixed cell populations, and should receive even increased attention as a valuable diagnostic technique and prognostic factor. In the present review, the efficacy of flow cytometric DNA ploidy analysis integrated with cell proliferation markers is discussed.


  • Keio J. Med.  

    Keio J. Med. 45(2), 73-80, 1996-06-01 

    The Keio Journal of Medicine

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