A Study on Consciousness and Life Energy Based on Quantum Holographic Cosmology

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    • Oku Takeo
    • Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University


The purpose of the present work was to investigate a mechanism of consciousness and life energy from the viewpoint of quantum theory and holographic cosmology. Consciousness / life energy (E_<cL>) for human beings is considered to be photon-like waves expressed by a wave function, and the mechanism of consciousness / life energy is proposed as freezing and materialization of light in macroscopic quantum condensates. Light in a conscious field is frozen in dark energy and dark matter, and atomic self-organization in materialized life-body is due to formation of negative entropy. It is believed that the ECL would include characteristics of quantum coherence such as Bose-Einstein condensation, Fermi condensation, quantum entanglement and tunneling photons. Since all information of the four-dimensional spacetime of the universe is recorded on a three-dimensional boundary from the holographic principle and superstring theory, all the coded information or extra seven dimensions is believed to correspond to E_<cL>, and an information-transformation model of 'consciousness - Iife energy - matter ' could be proposed. From the viewpoint of matter information, the universe information would be a condition with frozen time.


  • Journal of International Society of Life Information Science   [List of Volumes]

    Journal of International Society of Life Information Science 23(1), 133-143, 2005-03-01  [Table of Contents]

    International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS)


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