Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis of Ribosomal DNA Internal Transcribed Spacer Regions and Comparison of Fertility in Phomopsis Isolates from Fruit Trees




Sequences of the ribosomal DNA(rDNA)internal transcribed spacer(ITS)regions were examined to infer a molecular phylogeny of small-spored Phomopsis isolates, designated W-type(mainly white colony, weakly virulent, bearing both alpha and beta conidia at 25℃ on PDA)and G-type(mainly gray colony, highly virulent, bearing only alpha conidia at 25℃ on PDA), and P.amygdali from fruit trees. Phomopsis G-type and P.amygdali were a monophyletic group distinct from the W-type. The W-type isolates were divided into two monophyletic groups. Diaporthe citri, D.tanakae, P.asparagi, P.viticola, P.vitimegaspora and D.nomurai, which are morphologically distinguishable from W- and G-types, differed from the W- and G-types in molecular phylogenetic analyses. PCR-RFLP analysis of rDNA ITS regions was useful to distinguish each of the Phomopsis species and groups using three restriction enzymes. In mating tests, W-type isolates from fruit trees were heterothallic and inter-fertile even between isolates belonging to the different monophyletic groups. Isolates of the G-type and P.amygdali collected in Japan were cross-fertile. Some isolates from Lunaria annua, Ulmus glabra and Juglans regia belonged to one of the two monophyletic groups of the W-type and were cross-fertile with W-type isolates from Rosaceous fruit trees.


  • Journal of general plant pathology : JGPP

    Journal of general plant pathology : JGPP 66(3), 191-201, 2000-08-25

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