Characterization of Movie Contents and Its Impact for Traffic Design(Traffic Controling CDNs)(Special Issue on Content Delivery Networks)

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    • KOIKE Arata
    • Traffic Engineering Division, NTT Advanced Technology Corp.;Traffic Research Center, NTT Advanced Technology Corp.
    • TAKEDA Kiyoka
    • Traffic Engineering Division, NTT Advanced Technology Corp.
    • KAWASHIMA Konosuke
    • Traffic Research Center, NTT Advanced Technology Corp.;Department of Computer, Information and Communication Sciences, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology


In this paper, we first investigate the characteristics of movie contents over the Internet. As in the previous studies, we found the lognormal-distribution well fits the distribution of file size for the whole set of general movie contents. When we specifically focus on the subset that consists of movie trailers, however, it shows different distribution from the lognormal-distribution. Our analysis shows it is similar to an exponential-distribution. We here assume that movie trailers are one of the relevant contents for Contents Delivery Networks (CDN) or Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file exchange communities. We further studies the relationship between playing duration and file size for the movie trailers and we did not find any linear correlation among them. We next consider bandwidth requirements to retrieve movie trailer contents. Our objective is to make it possible for user to view the contents in real-time. Many previous studies investigate bandwidth requirement based only on the file size distribution. In this paper, we analyze the traffic design criteria for CDN or P2P by taking into account both of the results for the file size distribution and the relationship between playing duration and file size for movie trailers. Simulation studies reveal the impact for the bandwidth requirement.


  • IEICE transactions on communications  

    IEICE transactions on communications E86-B(6), 1839-1848, 2003-06-01 

    The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers

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