Research and Collection of the National Museum of Natural Science in Taiwan(Part One Collection Building)

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The Research and Collection Division of the National Museum of Natural Science, Taiwan, is divided into the Zoology Department, Botany Department, Geology Department, Anthropology Department, and Registrar's Office. The Registrar's Office is responsible for receiving and sending out specimens, as well as handling donations of specimens, for the other four departments in the division. The first four departments focus on scientific research and specimen collection, including collection, exchange, and purchase of specimens. At the present time (till August 2003), there are totally 574,861 specimens in the museum. Among them, 363,303 belong to the Zoology Department and include 11,075 birds and mammals, 17,227 amphibians, reptiles and fish, 18,196 invertebrates and 316,805 insects. There are 129,448 specimens in the Botany Department, including 96,076 vascular plant specimens, fungal, algal and lichen 13,743 specimens and 19,629 bryophyte specimens. The Geology Department possesses 34,625 specimens including 8,635 minerals, 21,576 fossils and 4,414 rock cores. Finally, in the Anthropology Department, there are 47,485 specimens including 7,158 ethnological specimens and 40,327 archaeological specimens.


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National Science Museum monographs 24, 79-89, 2004  [Table of Contents]

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