10A-A-1 高齢者の握力補助のためのパワーアシストグローブの開発(A会場 大学院生・学部学生 奨励賞セッション 一般講演)  [in Japanese] 10A-A-1 Development of Power-Assist Glove for Grasp Assistance of elderly people  [in Japanese]

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Digits of the hand are serving an important role in our daily life. So we set the development of power-assist glove for elderly people with a weak grip as our goal of this study. In doing the power-assist, we use the electromyography (EMG) to measure the degree of muscular power. Accordingly, only people who can detect the muscle electric potential can use our power-assist glove. Three men and two women participate in this study. Two men who are coeval do the experiment of cause-and-effect relation between tiredness and EMG. One man and two women (age 15, 48, 76) do the experiment of cause-and-effect relation between age and EMG. Experimental result shows that EMG varies among different individuals, EMG is increased by tiredness, and there are no correlation between age and EMG. That means homeostatic update of threshold value on control of power-assist glove is absolutely imperative. Besides, we create a simple experimental arrangement and succeed at control by master-slave control and a develop prototype of power-assist glove.


  • バイオメディカル・ファジィ・システム学会大会講演論文集 : BMFSA   [List of Volumes]

    バイオメディカル・ファジィ・システム学会大会講演論文集 : BMFSA (23), 141-142, 2010-10-09  [Table of Contents]

    Biomedical Fuzzy Systems Association


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