Hydrogen photoproductin and denitrification in anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria 光合成細菌における水素発生能と脱窒能



    • 沈, 建偉 シェン, チェンウェイ



Hydrogen photoproductin and denitrification in anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria




沈, 建偉


シェン, チェンウェイ




博士 (農学)








  1. CONTENTS / p1 (0004.jp2)
  2. I.Introduction / p1 (0007.jp2)
  3. II.Hydrogen photoproduction and denitrification by anaerobic phototrophic bacteria isolated from Lake Nakaumi and its vicinity / p8 (0014.jp2)
  4. Materials and methods / p9 (0015.jp2)
  5. Results and discussion / p11 (0017.jp2)
  6. (1)Isolation and identification of strains / p11 (0017.jp2)
  7. (2)Hydrogen production of new isolates / p14 (0020.jp2)
  8. (3)Relation of hydrogen production rates to species of strains isolated / p14 (0020.jp2)
  9. (4)Denitrification of strain isolated / p14 (0020.jp2)
  10. (5)Comparison of hydrogen production and denitrification rates among new strains and known strains / p18 (0024.jp2)
  11. (6)Sampling sites and properties of photosynthetic bacteria in the brackish water and fresh water environments / p20 (0026.jp2)
  12. Summary / p22 (0028.jp2)
  13. III.Comparative study of photosynthetic pigments biosynthesis in the denitrifying and non-denitrifying phototrophic bacterium-Effect of KNO₃-addition / p23 (0029.jp2)
  14. Materials and methods / p24 (0030.jp2)
  15. Results and discussions / p27 (0033.jp2)
  16. (1)Growth characteristics and denitrification or nitrite reduction abilities / p27 (0033.jp2)
  17. (2)Effects of KN0₃ addition on synthesis of photosynthetic pigments / p27 (0033.jp2)
  18. (3)Effects of KNO₃ addition on Alase specific activity and porphyrin formation / p33 (0039.jp2)
  19. (4)Inhibitory effects of nitrate and nitrite on Alase activity / p33 (0039.jp2)
  20. (5)Effects of nitrate and nitrite on porphyrin production / p33 (0039.jp2)
  21. Summary / p40 (0046.jp2)
  22. IV.Inhibited H₂ photoproduction and stimulated dentrification under denitrifying anaerobic-light conditions / p41 (0047.jp2)
  23. Materials and methods / p42 (0048.jp2)
  24. Results and discussions / p44 (0050.jp2)
  25. (1)Effect of light on denitrification with various electron donors / p44 (0050.jp2)
  26. (2)Repression of H₂ photo-evolution activity by denitrifying conditions / p45 (0051.jp2)
  27. (3)Inhibitory effect of nitrate on H₂ photoproduction activity / p49 (0055.jp2)
  28. (4)Effect of nitrate and nitrite on proton production / p49 (0055.jp2)
  29. Summary / p52 (0058.jp2)
  30. V.Characterization and application of a denitrifying phototrophic bacterium immobilized in polyvinyl alcohol / p54 (0060.jp2)
  31. Materials and methods / p55 (0061.jp2)
  32. Results and discussions / p57 (0063.jp2)
  33. 1.PVA immobilization method and denitrification rate assay method / p57 (0063.jp2)
  34. (1)Effect of PVA dissolution and PVA concentration on denitrification activity / p57 (0063.jp2)
  35. (2)Effect of assay and incubation media on denitrification activity / p59 (0065.jp2)
  36. 2.Comparison of denitrification activity and its recovery in agar-,carrageenan-and PVA- immobilized cells / p59 (0065.jp2)
  37. (1)Comparison of denitrifying activity and its recovery in agar,carrageenan-and PVA-immobilized cells / p59 (0065.jp2)
  38. (2)Comparison of denitrifying activity and its recovery in the cells immobilized by PVA-F and PVA-B methods / p59 (0065.jp2)
  39. 3.Properties of PVA-immobilized cells in denitrification / p63 (0069.jp2)
  40. (1)Comparison of denitrification activity and its recovery between PVA-F immobilized denitrifying dark-grown and light-grown cells / p63 (0069.jp2)
  41. (2)Effect of cell concentration in gels on denitrification activity / p63 (0069.jp2)
  42. (3)Stimulatory effect of light on denitrification by immobilized cells / p68 (0074.jp2)
  43. (4)Inability of PVA-immobilized cells to grow under denitrifying conditions / p68 (0074.jp2)
  44. 4.Denitrifying ability on various nitrate concentrations and various electron donors / p71 (0077.jp2)
  45. (1)Effect of nitrate concentration on denitrification rate / p71 (0077.jp2)
  46. (2)Denitrification on various organic substrates / p74 (0080.jp2)
  47. 5.Experiment of continuous denitrification / p74 (0080.jp2)
  48. (1)Continuous denitrification on various concentrations of nitrate by PVA-immobilized cells / p74 (0080.jp2)
  49. (2)Continuous denitrification by PVA-immobilized cells on a NH₄Cl-containing test water / p79 (0085.jp2)
  50. Summary / p81 (0087.jp2)
  51. VI.Conclusion / p82 (0088.jp2)
  52. VII.Acknowledgement / p85 (0091.jp2)
  53. VIII.References / p86 (0092.jp2)


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