Handbook of international and intercultural communication


Handbook of international and intercultural communication

editors, Molefi Kete Asante, William B. Gudykunst, with the assistance of Eileen Newmark

Sage Publications, c1989

  • : cloth

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



Now in paperback, this indispensable volume summarizes the state of the art in international, intercultural and developmental communication and sets the agenda for future research. It includes: an overview of major theoretical and applied issues; processes and effects in international and intercultural communication; contexts; and, issues of conducting research on culture, language and communication. The volume frames the critical issues facing scholars studying language and communication, stimulates new theoretical formulations, demonstrates the application of diverse methods of research, and provides the basis for finding solutions to critical issues facing the modern world.


PART ONE: OVERVIEWS Theoretical Perspectives for Studying Intercultural Communication - William B Gudykunst and Tsukasa Nishida Inquiry in International Communication - Thomas McPhail Inquiry in Development Communication - Everett M Rogers The New International Information and Communication Order - Kaarle Nordenstreng and Wolfgang Kleinwachter PART TWO: PROCESSES AND EFFECTS Communicator Characteristics - Howard Giles and Arlene Franklyn-Stokes Language and Intergroup Communication - William B Gudykunst et al The Cultural Dimensions of Nonverbal Communication - Michael L Hecht, Peter A Andersen, and Sidney A Ribeau Social Networks and Communication - Gabriel Weimann Social Cognition and Intergroup Communication - William B Gudykunst and Lauren Gumbs Emotions in Intercultural Communication - David Matsumoto, Harold G Wallbott and Klaus R Scherer Intercultural Communication Competence - Mitchell R Hammer Interpersonal Power and Influence in Intercultural Communication - Dorthy L Pennington Intercultural Adaptation - Young Yun Kim Electronic Mass Media Effects Across Cultures - Peter Yaple and Felipe Korzenny Television and Social Perceptions Among African Americans and Hispanics - Oscar H Gandy Jr and Paula W Matabane PART THREE: CONTEXTS Identity and Interpersonal Bonding - Stella Ting-Toomey Encounters in the Interracial Workplace - Molefi Kete Asante and Alice Davis The International Marketplace - Robert Shuter Diplomacy - Glen Fisher National Development - Njoku E Awa Intercultural Communication Training - Richard W Brislin PART FOUR: RESEARCH ISSUES Problems in Intercultural Research - J David Johnson and Frank Tuttle Translation - Christiane F Gonzalez

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