Research methods in personality and social psychology


Research methods in personality and social psychology

editors, Clyde Hendrick, Margaret S. Clark

(Review of personality and social psychology / edited by Ladd Wheeler, Phillip Shaver, 11)

Sage, c1990

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This volumes describes key research techniques and strategies (such as design of an interaction laboratory, psychophysiological methods and use of reaction time as a measure), presents various research designs (meta-analysis, covariance structure modelling and dyadic research) and addresses the classic distinction between idiographic and nomothetic approaches to research.


Editors' Introduction - Clyde Hendrick and Margaret S Clark Research Methods in Personality and Social Psychology Implementing and Using the Dyadic Interaction Paradigm - William Ickes et al Using Electrodermal and Cardiovascular Measures of Arousal in Social Psychological Research - Jim Blascovich and Robert M Kelsey A Practical Guide to the Use of Response Latency in Social Psychological Research - Russell H Fazio Assessing Frequency Reports of Mundane Behaviors - Norbert Schwarz Contributions of Cognitive Psychology to Questionnaire Construction Computer Simulation of Social Interaction - Garold Stasser Meta-Analysis and the Integrative Research Review - Harris Cooper Design Issues in Dyadic Research - David A Kenny Covariance Structure Modeling in Personality and Social Psychological Research - Michael D Coovert, Louis A Penner and Robert MacCallum An Introduction Theory Testing in Personality and Social Psychology with Structural Equation Models - J S Tanaka et al A Primer in 20 Questions Personal Design in Social Cognition - Norman H Anderson Within-Person Correlational Design and Analysis - John L Michela Idiographic and Nomothetic Perspectives on Research Methods and Data Analysis - James Jaccard and Patricia Dittus

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  • Review of personality and social psychology

    edited by Ladd Wheeler, Phillip Shaver

    Sage Publications 1980-

    v. 1 : hbk , v. 1 : pbk , v. 2 : hbk , v. 2 : pbk , v. 3 : hdk , v. 3 : pbk , v. 4 : hbk , v. 4 : pbk , v. 5 : pbk



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