Strabismus : a neurodevelopmental approach : nature's experiment


Strabismus : a neurodevelopmental approach : nature's experiment

John T. Flynn

Springer-Verlag, c1991

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The subject of strabismus is approached from an unusual angle in this book: it is considered a visual motor anomaly of nervous system development. This hypothesis provides the framework for the questions asked about anatomy, physiology, clinical phenomenology and symptomatology. The author portrays a conception of this human flaw and at the same time explores basic knowledge of the visual nervous system's normal function, development, and design. The relevance of visual psychophysics, central nervous system imaging technology, and developmental neuropathology is examined. This monograph on neuroscience, ophthalmology, pediatrics is intended for clinicians and practitioners.


  • What is the neural substrate of Strabismus?
  • what might an insult to that nervous system do?
  • what is Strabismus?
  • how might we classify Strabismus?
  • how can we look anew at Strabismus?
  • what can studies of visual development tell us?
  • how can visual psychophysics help us?
  • how can studies of overall development help us?
  • what can the imaging technology of the central nervous system tell us?
  • what can we learn from developmental neuropathology?
  • what of the future?.

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