Developing high-performance people : the art of coaching



Developing high-performance people : the art of coaching

Oscar G. Mink, Keith Q. Owen, and Barbara P. Mink

Addison-Wesley, 1993

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 261-264) and index



In today's economy corporations are emphasizing performance improvement over increasing head count. Self-managed work teams, empowerment of employees, and organizational learning all present different challenges for today's manager. How do managers succeed in this environment? A new set of managerial skills is necessary. Developing High-Performance People is the only book to address this changing role of the manger.Developing High-Performance People should be read by all supervisors and managers; human resources managers; trainers who conduct coaching/counseling courses; and professors in management, human resources, or career counseling--everyone who wants to learn how to build trust and involvement with employees and how to effectively evaluate employee performance. create a high performance environment help workers to deal with barriers to top performance analyze their own level of competency as a coach personalize a performance plan for each employee develop a practical action plan for employee training and development


* Coaching: The Art of Encouraging Others to Experience Their Power What Is Coaching? * What Is Coaching? Creating A High-Performance, Productive Climate * The High-Performance, Productive Environment * Developing Empowering Relationships * Laying the Foundation for the High-Performance Environment Tools For Coaching * Understanding How People Learn and Grow * Coaching for High Performance When Coaching Is Not Enough: Enabling People To Deal With Motivational Problems * Coaching as Renewal * Coping with Failure Endings And New Beginnings * Evolution of a New Paradigm

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