International business organization : subsidiary management, entry strategies and emerging markets



International business organization : subsidiary management, entry strategies and emerging markets

edited by Fred Burton, Malcolm Chapman and Adam Cross

(The Academy of International Business series)

Macmillan , St. Martin's Press, 1999

  • : uk
  • : us

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 307-334) and index



The fifth volume of the "Academy of International Business Series" concentrates on three areas of international business: organizational issues across multinational enterprises; international market entry strategy; and emerging markets. It examines theory and practice in parent subsidiary relationships, in host country and MNE interactions, and in the organizational response of international business to dynamics in the global economy.


  • Opening Chapter
  • J.H.Dunning PART ONE: SUBSIDIARIES AND THEIR STRATEGIES Host-Country Technological and Scientific Collaborations of MNE Subsidiaries
  • M.Papanastassiou & R.D.Pearce US MNC Affiliates in the UK: A Special Relationship?
  • J.H.Taggart On the Duration Dependence of MNE Investment
  • R.Mudambi Transfer of HRM Practices across Cultures : An American Company in Scotland
  • M.Tayeb An Evolutionary Analysis of Subsidiary Innovation and 'Reverse' Transfer in Multinational Companies
  • M.Yamin PART TWO: TRANSACTION COSTS/ENTRY STRATEGIES Strategic Motives and Selection Criteria in International Joint Ventures: Perspectives of UK Firms and Foreign Firms
  • K.Glaister Internalization and Multinational Banking
  • P.C.M.Fu A Qualitative Meta-Analysis of Performance Measures and Factors Affecting International Joint Venture Performance
  • M.F.Boersma & P.N.Ghauri A Proposed Solution to the Transnational Structure Paradox
  • W.Sleeman, K.D.Brouthers & L.E.Brouthers Communication Costs and the Boundaries of the Multinational Enterprise
  • M.Casson & N.Wadeson PART THREE: EMERGING MARKETS Enforcement Costs and Co-operative Strategy in Emerging Business Systems
  • C.J.Choi, S.H.Lee & C.Millar Employee Ownership and Employment: The Case of Russian Privatized Firms
  • G.Sharpley, T.Buck, I.Filatotchev & M.Wright Segmenting the Market. An 'Old' Approach that Holds 'New' Promise for the FDI-Attraction Process in Developing Countries
  • E.J.Coyne Globalization and the Convergence of National Business Systems
  • H.Radice Cultural Compatibility in International Acquisitions
  • R.Schoenberg

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