Modern solvents in organic synthesis


    • Knochel, Paul


Modern solvents in organic synthesis

volume editor, Paul Knochel

(Topics in current chemistry = Fortschritte der chemischen Forschung, 206)

Springer, c1999

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Bibliography: p. 204-207



This volume covers the use of modern solvent systems for the performance of more efficient, selective and economical organic transformations. During the last 20 years, water has emerged as a new useful reaction media for the performance of organic or metal catalyzed reactions. More recently, other reaction media such as perfluorinated solvents or supercritical CO2 have proven their utility for many organic syntheses as well as in combinatorial chemistry. The most representative industrial applications of some of these modern solvent systems are described, and the synthetic possibilites of performing organic reactions in the absence of solvents examined.


A. Lubineau, J. Auge: Water as Solvent in Organic Synthesis * D. Sinou: Metal Catalysis in Water * B. Betzemeier, P. Knochel: Perfluorinated Solvents - a Novel Reaction Medium in Organic Chemistry * J. Maul, P.J. Ostrowski, G.A. Ublacker, B. Linclau, D.P. Curran: Benzotrifluoride and Derivatives: Useful Solvents for Organic Synthesis and Fluorous Synthesis * W. Leitner: Reactions in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (scCO2) * B. Cornils: Modern Solvent Systems in Industrial Homogeneous Catalysis * A. Loupy: Solvent-Free Reactions.

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