Living with the European Union : the Northern Ireland experience


Living with the European Union : the Northern Ireland experience

edited by Dennis Kennedy

Macmillan , St.Martin's Press, 2000

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Regionalism within the European Union has become a major issue. This book looks at it from the other end of the telescope, taking the experience of one region, Northern Ireland, and examining the impact EU membership has had on its economy and society, and on its own acute political problem. Specialist contributors deal with the econ-omy, agriculture, the environment and other sectors. The book also considers the wider issues of the development of regionalism in western Europe and the challenges this presents to a region in terms of influencing national policy on European issues, as well as in making its own regional voice heard in Brussels. As a comparatively small, poor and remote region, Northern Ireland is an eminently suitable case-study in an integrating Europe. Its particular history of political violence may be exceptional, but the issues of conflicting identities and unreconciled minorities are of general concern in a European Union enlarging to take in central and eastern Europe.


  • List of Tables Notes on the Contributors Preface Introduction: Portrait of a Region A Region Among Regions: The Wider View
  • T.Christiansen Europe and the Northern Ireland Economy
  • G.Gudgin Changing Scene: EU Impact on the Rural Economy
  • J.Davis Trading Partners: Northern Ireland's External Economic Links
  • E.Birnie For Richer or Poorer: The Social Impact
  • Q.Oliver European Rules and a Changing Environment
  • J.S.Furphy Europe and the Northern Ireland Problem
  • D.Kennedy The European Connection and Public Opinion
  • M.L.Smith Index

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