Economic reforms in Ghana : the miracle and the mirage


Economic reforms in Ghana : the miracle and the mirage

edited by Ernest Aryeetey, Jane Harrigan & Machiko Nissanke

James Currey , Woeli Publishing Service , Africa World Press, 2000

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  • : Ghana edition

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Since independence in 1957, Ghana has tried a number of approaches to achieving acceptable rates of growth and development. A period of rapid industrialization in the 1960s, then control measures and further state interventions in the 1970s, was followed by a comprehensive programme from the mid-1980s based on a policy of economic liberalization. However, initial growth and macroeconomic stability has not been sustained beyond the short term. This work discusses the economic reforms that have taken place in Ghana since independence in 1957. It includes sections on: structure and growth; fiscal, savings and investment policies; the external sector; factor markets; sectoral performance; socio-economic development; and the future.


  • Part 1 Macroeconomics, structure and growth: a review of macroeconomic and sectoral policies and growth
  • the political economy of reform
  • fragile still? the structure of Ghana's economy, 1960-1994
  • a social accounting matrix of the economy of Ghana. Part 2 Fiscal, savings and investment policies: fiscal trends in Ghana
  • public expenditures and their performance
  • an assessment of savings and investment. Part 3 The external sector: exchange rate policy and the balance of payments
  • the external trade sector
  • external finance, foreign aid and debt. Part 4 Factor markets: intervention and liberalization - changing policies and performance in the financial sector
  • labour under structural adjustment. Part 5 Sectoral performance: industrial sector policies and performance
  • agricultural sector policies and performance. Part 6 Socio-economic development: the evolution of social policy
  • poverty in the changing environment
  • gender participation under economic reforms. Part 7 The way forward: structural adjustments and after - which way forward?

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