The supply chain network @ Internet speed : preparing your company for the E-commerce revolution


    • Kuglin, Fred A.
    • Rosenbaum, Barbara A.


The supply chain network @ Internet speed : preparing your company for the E-commerce revolution

Fred A. Kuglin, Barbara A. Rosenbaum

AMACOM, c2001


Supply chain network at Internet speed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



"The power of technology is completely transforming business operations, radically boosting speed, efficiency, and shareholder value. One of the newest and most promising applications of electronic technology is in supply chain management, the distinctly unglamorous but absolutely essential steps that take place between procuring raw materials and shipping final products. For executives and managers involved in manufacturing supply chains--whether suppliers, manufacturing assemblers, wholesalers/distributors, retailers, or transportation providers--this practical, step-by-step guide explains how to create cost-effective, state-of-the-art fulfillment capabilities. Packed with relevant examples, each chapter focuses on improving supply chain technology, processes, and people in specific industries, including: * Retail * Consumer products * E-trading communities * High-tech manufacturing * Hosted applications * Automotive * E-exchanges * Oil and gas * Transportation * E-business front-end * Health care pharmaceuticals, and more."


  • General manufacturing, "war room", overview
  • retail/consumer products, web-based catalogues, scan based trading, profitable growth
  • high tech, networked supply chain, HightechMatrix, working capital minimization
  • automotive, trade eExchanges, fixed capital minimization
  • oil and gas, eExchange spare parts, cost minimization
  • transportation, comLLPs, tax minimization
  • health care, product life management, fixed asset minimization
  • Internet speed, TradeMatrix straight eights, all-summary
  • the next wave of supply chain value - and dean of IT supply chain management.

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