Even more true stories : an intermediate reader


    • Heyer, Sandra


Even more true stories : an intermediate reader

by Sandra Heyer

Longman ,c2000

2nd ed

大学図書館所蔵 件 / 5




Intermediate. Imagine scuba diving near the Florida coast and suddenly getting sucked into a huge pump of a nuclear power plant! Or writing love letters to someone every day for a year, only to see that person marry the mail carrier? The universal appeal of these real-life human-interest stories engages beginning ESL students with humor, poignancy, or astonishment, and helps them to become fluent readers. New "challenge pages" at the end of each unit feature supplemental readings related to the main story, but written at a slightly higher level. These readings help intermediate-level students make the transition from controlled to authentic written English.


Unit 1 Brats Unit 2 More Alike Than Different Unit 3 The World's Largest Family Unit 4 Healthy Again Unit 5 The Buried City Unit 6 Misunderstandings Unit 7 A Real Bargain Unit 8 Black Cats and Broken Mirrors Unit 9 A Killer in the Backseat Unit 10 The Treasure Hunt Unit 11 The Plain People Unit 12 Postponing Death Unit 13 An Unexpected Adventure Unit 14 Sucker Day Unit 15 Love Under Siege Answer Key

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