A conversation with Martin Heidegger


A conversation with Martin Heidegger

Raymond Tallis

Palgrave, 2002

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 204-219) and index



Martin Heidegger is widely regarded as the most important and one of the most difficult philosophers of the last century. His masterpiece Being and Time was described by Jurgens Habermas as the most profound turning point in German philosophy since Hegel. Raymond Tallis, who has been arguing with Heidegger for over thirty years, engages him in an imaginary conversation which illuminates his fundamental ideas in an accessible way. The relaxed style and novel format of the Conversation belies the rigour of the underlying argument and the passionate engagement with the thought. This deeply personal book, which follow the twists and turns of the argument of being and Time with beady-eyed attention, builds on Tallis' previous work, in particular in the philosophy of mind. A Conversation with Martin Heidegger illuminated and celebrates Heidegger's ontology while being sharply critical of its deficiencies. Tallis' conversation with this giant of twentieth century thought defines some of the important themes of the philosophy of the century to come. It will be of interest to those who are familiar with Heidegger and those encountering his work for the first time.


Preface By Way of Introduction PART I In My Study: Beyond the Subject and Object A Breath of Fresh Air Intermezzo Wayfaring Darkness in Todtnauberg PART II Leaving You and Not Quite Leaving You Sunlight on My Arm Notes References Appendix: Some Controversies in the Interpretation of Being and Time Index

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