Framing and perspectivising in discourse


Framing and perspectivising in discourse

edited by Titus Ensink, Christoph Sauer

(Pragmatics & beyond : new series, v. 111)

John Benjamins Pub., c2003

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In discourse, verbal messages are framed: speakers offer cues on the basis of which hearers are able to anchor the verbal message to the context. Furthermore, speakers cannot contribute to the discourse without at the same time showing their view on the subject matter of the discourse: the content of a discourse is necessarily 'displayed' from a certain perspective. Both the framing and perspectivising of verbal messages are not static, but subject to possible changes during the development of the discourse. Both concepts function at the intersection of a psychological-cognitive and a social-functional approach to discourse. In this volume, eight contributions are brought together which offer theoretical tools for describing and explaining framing and perspectivising devices in the production and comprehension of discourse, and apply them to the analysis of several types of discourse such as political satire, letters-to-the-editor, everyday narrations and newspaper reports.


  • 1. List of contributors
  • 2. Social-functional and cognitive approaches to discourse interpretation: The role of frame and perspective (by Ensink, Titus)
  • 3. A multimodal perspective on composition (by Leeuwen, Theo van)
  • 4. Transformational frames: Interpretative consequences of frame shifts and frame embeddings (by Ensink, Titus)
  • 5. Reporting annual results: A single-case analysis (by Jacobs, Geert)
  • 6. Footing, framing and the format sketch: Strategies in political satire (by Cowper, Janet)
  • 7. Polyphonic constructions in everyday speech (by Bredel, Ursula)
  • 8. Ajax is the agent: Subject versus passive agent as an indicator of the journalist's perspective in soccer reports (by Cornelis, Louise)
  • 9. Perspective in medical correspondence: English and German letters-to-the-editor (by Busch-Lauer, Ines-A.)
  • 10. Name index
  • 11. Subject index

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