Knowledge flows, governance and the multinational enterprise : frontiers in international management research


Knowledge flows, governance and the multinational enterprise : frontiers in international management research

edited by Volker Mahnke and Torben Pedersen

Palgrave Macmillan, 2004

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This book contributes to the understanding of Knowledge Governance in the Multinational Corporation. Intra firm and inter firm processes of knowledge creation, sharing and exploitation have attracted increasingly managerial and scholarly interest. However the relation between particular knowledge processes, determinants of organizational choices, governance mechanisms, their relevant costs and benefits, and associated strategic advantages remain less well understood. To address these challenges, this book gives answers to the following questions. What are key challenges of governing knowledge in the multinational corporation? How do contingencies influence relevant trade offs? How do sets of governance mechanisms respond to problems of cognition and incentives?


  • List of Figures List of Tables List of Contributors PART I: FUNDAMENTAL PERSPECTIVES ON KNOWLEDGE GOVERNANCE Knowledge Governance and Value Creation ,V.Mahnke & T.Pedersen
  • The Use of Network Theory in MNC Research ,M.Forsgren
  • Multinational Enterprises and Competence Creating Knowledge Flows: A Theoretical Analysis ,J.A.Cantwell & R.Mudambi
  • PART II: GOVERNING EXTERNAL KNOWLEDGE RELATIONS Do Good Threats Make Good Neighbors? Social Dilemmas in MNC Networks ,M.Osterloh & A.Weibel
  • Learning Across Borders: Organizational Learning and International Alliances ,M.Lyles & C.Dhanaraj
  • Learning vs. Protection in Inter Firm Alliances: A False Dichotomy ,J.Oxley
  • Relationship Dynamics: Developing Business Relationships and Creating Value ,U.Andersson & B.Stohl
  • PART III: GOVERNING INTERNAL KNOWLEDGE RELATION Identifying Leading Edge Market Knowledge in Multinational Corporations ,N.Arvidsson & J.Birkinshaw
  • Knowledge Flows in International Services Firms: A Conceptual Model ,V.Lindsay, D.Chadee, J.Mattsson & R.Johnston
  • The Dilemmas of MNC Subsidiary Transfer of Knowledge ,J.Gammelgaard, U.Holm & T.Pedersen
  • PART IV: KNOWLEDGE GOVERNANCE AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Governing MNC Entry in Regional Knowledge Clusters ,M.Lorenzen & V.Mahnke
  • Learning and Networking in Foreign Market Entry of Service Firms ,A.Blomstermo & D.Sharma
  • Plumbing and Plugging In: Networking by Venture Capitalists in Europe and the USA ,A.Gatti & M.T.Vendela
  • Index

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