Multicultural and multilingual literacy and language : contexts and practices


    • Boyd, Fenice B.
    • Brock, Cynthia H.
    • Rozendal, Mary S.
    • Delpit, Lisa


Multicultural and multilingual literacy and language : contexts and practices

edited by Fenice B. Boyd and Cynthia H. Brock with Mary S. Rozendal ; foreword by Lisa Delpit

(Solving problems in the teaching of literacy / Cathy Collins Block, series editor)

Guilford Press, c2004

  • : hardcover
  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Within a clear conceptual framework, this book explores ways that teachers, reading specialists, administrators, and teacher educators can provide more effective literacy instruction to US K-9 students from diverse ethnic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds. Cutting-edge theory and research is interwoven with detailed case studies that bring to life the complexities of teaching in today's multicultural and multilingual classroom. Topics covered include: * how and why culture matters in literacy instruction * drawing on students' multiple literacies in the classroom * motivating and engaging English-language learners * steps that teachers can take to heighten their cultural awareness and skills * tapping into family and community resources for literacy learning. Top scholars team up with classroom teachers to create this much-needed, practical and accessible book.


Part 1: Language, Texts, and Context Part 2: Teacher Ideologies and Motivation for Change Part 3: Students' Voices on Issues of Literacy Learning and Diversity Part 4: Out-of-Classroom Influences on Literacy Learning

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