Nucleic acid therapeutics in cancer


    • Gewirtz, Alan M.


Nucleic acid therapeutics in cancer

edited by Alan M. Gewirtz

(Cancer drug discovery and development)

Humana Press, c2004

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"This volume, Nucleic acid therapeutics in cancer, largely results from that meeting, which was held in April of 2000 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania"--Pref

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This book discusses the development of simple, reliable tools for modifying gene expression 'on demand'. It addresses the numerous problems slowing down progress in this field, such as the variable and unreliable use of OLGs to modify gene expression. It also addresses the poor understanding of the processes which regulate trafficking and govern whether and where an oligonucleotide (OLG) can interact with its target.


  • Part I. Introduction and Perspective Antisense Methodology: An Assessment After 25 Years Fritz Eckstein Nucleic Acid Therapeutics: An Introduction Alan M. Gewirtz Part II. Basic Methodology Targeted Genome Modification Via Triple Helix Formation Faye A. Rogers and Peter M. Glazer Therapeutic Applications of Ribozymes John J. Rossi Use of Catalytic DNA in Target Validation and Therapeutics Lun-Quan Sun Targeted Destruction of Small, Stable RNAs: Principles Applicable to Antisense Therapies David A. Dunbar and Susan J. Baserga Mechanism of Action of Antisense RNA in Eukaryotic Cells Zuo Zhang and Gordon G. Carmichael Part III. Delivery The Transport of Oligonucleotides Into Cells R. L. Juliano Peptide-Mediated Delivery of Antisense Oligonucleotides and Related Material Eric Vives, Jean Philippe Richard, and Bernard Lebleu Molecular Vectors for Gene Delivery to Cancer Cells Guy Zuber, Jean-Serge Remy, Patrick Erbacher, Pascale Belguise, and Jean-Paul Behr Part IV. Targeting Considerations on the Design of Antisense Oligonucleotides Rosel Kretschmer-Kazemi Far, Jens M. Warnecke, and Georg Sczakiel Identification of Hybridization Accessible Sequence in Messenger RNA Lida K. Gifford, Ponzy Lu, and Alan M. Gewirtz Part V. Clinical Targets Nucleic Acids As Gene Targeting Therapeutics Joanna B. Opalinska and Susan E. Shetzline LY900003 (Isis 3521) and G3139 (Genasense
  • Oblimersen): Phosphorothioate Antisense Oligonucleotides With Pleiotropic Mechanisms of Action C. A. Stein, Nathalie Dias, Luba Benimetskaya, Jan S. Jepsen, Johnathan C. H. Lai, and Anthony J. Raffo Antisense Protein Kinase A-RIa Restores Normal Signal Transduction Signatures to Inhibit Tumor Growth Yoon S.Cho-Chung Index

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