Religion : a clinical guide for nurses


    • Taylor, Elizabeth Johnston


Religion : a clinical guide for nurses

Elizabeth Johnston Taylor, editor

Springer, c2012

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Includes bibliographical references and index



"Religion is a significant aspect of human experience that can provide a framework for an individual's response to a health challenge or transition. This book provides accessible and comprehensive information about the 20-plus families of religions nurses are likely to encounter among patients. For each religion there is succinct information on its history and theology; views on health and suffering; explanations for disease; beliefs and practices related to birthing, childrearing, and dying; healing rituals; corporate religious resources for the sick; and more. The reference also provides detailed communication techniques for discussing religion with patients, discusses how to assess a patient's beliefs, offers strategies for self-assessment, and legal and ethical aspects of addressing religiosity in patient care. "


Table of Contents Section I - Exploring the relationship between religion, patients, and nursing Chapter 1: Religion at the Bedside Chapter 2: Talking with Patients about Religion Chapter 3: Assessment of Religiosity Chapter 4: Key Religious Rituals: How Clinicians Can Care Chapter 5: Legal Perspectives on Addressing Religion in Nursing Care Chapter 6: Ethical Perspectives for Addressing Religions in Nursing Care Chapter 7: The Nurse as a Religious Person Section II: Religious Beliefs and Practices Anabaptist-descended groups (eg, Mennonites) Anglican/Episcopal Atheist Baptist Buddhist Christian Science Christian Orthodox Hindu IFCA International Islam Jehovah's Witness Judaism Latter-day Saints Lutherans Methodists Neopagan Pentecostal Presbyterian/Reformed Roman Catholic Seventh-day Adventist Sikh Unitarian Universalist

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