Janson's history of art : the western tradition


Janson's history of art : the western tradition

Penelope J. E. Davies ... [et al.]

Pearson, c2016

Reissued 8th ed

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Other authors: Walter B. Denny, Frima Fox Hofrichter, Joseph Jacobs, Ann M. Roberts, David L. Simon

Includes bibliographical references and index



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1. Prehistoric Art2. Ancient Near Eastern Art3. Egyptian Art4. Aegean Art5. Greek Art6. Etruscan Art7. Roman Art8. Early Christian And Byzantine Art9. Islamic Art10. Early Medieval Art11. Romanesque Art12. Gothic Art13. Art in Thirteenth and Fourteenth-Century Italy14. Artistic Innovations in Fifteenth-Century Northern Europe15. The Early Renaissance in Fifteenth-Century Italy16. The High Renaissance in Italy, 1495-152017. The Late Renaissance and Mannerism in Sixteenth-Century Italy18. Renaissance and Reformation in Sixteenth-Century Northern Europe19. The Baroque in Italy and Spain20. The Baroque in The Netherlands21. The Baroque in France and England22. The Rococo23. Art in the Age of the Enlightenment, 1750-178924. Art in the Age of Romanticism, 1789-184825. The Age of Positivism: Realism, Impressionism, and the Pre-Raphaelites, 1848-188526. Progress and Its Discontents: Post-Impressionism, Symbolism, and Art Nouveau, 1880-190527. Toward Abstraction: The Modernist Revolution, 1904-191428. Art Between the Wars29. Postwar to Postmodern, 1945-198030. The Postmodern Era: Art Since 1980

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