Psychology for social work : a comprehensive guide to human growth and development


    • O'Brien, Emma Zara


Psychology for social work : a comprehensive guide to human growth and development

Emma Zara O'Brien

Palgrave, 2016

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 344-355) and index



This exciting new book is an engaging and accessible introduction to understanding human behaviour and development from a psychological perspective. Written by a psychologist with extensive teaching experience, it offers a clear and systematic exploration of psychological concepts and research, and discussion of their relevance for social work practice. The psychological framework provides thematic coherence for a uniquely wide range of material, from brain development to communication skills, psychiatric diagnoses to forms of discrimination. Adopting a logical and intuitive structure, its material is relevant both to Human Growth and Development modules and a range of other Social Work modules with psychological content. Psychology for Social Work offers a truly integrative resource for students, allowing them to see how different elements of theory and research connect together for practical application. Written as an introductory text, the language is accessible and user-friendly with diagrams and 'In Focus' pieces used to support learning. There is an emphasis on student learning and chapters include an outline at its beginning; definition boxes to highlight important information; and the use of case studies and activities to encourage students to engage with the topics at hand.


1 Introduction.- 2 The Brain and Behaviour.- 3 Communication and Relationship in Social Work.- 4 Approaches to Psychology.- 5 Human Growth and Development.- 6 Disabilities.- 7 Mental Health.- 8 Stress and Environmental Stressors.- 9 Abuse and Trauma.- 10 B=f (P,E) Behaviour is a Function of the Person in the Environment.- Appendices.- References.- Index.

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