Commentarii mathematici Universitatis Sancti Pauli Rikkyo University 47(1) (19980600)

 CiNii Books

On Variational Principle and the Metrics Associated with a Potential of Bounded Variation  1-5
On Some Elementary Character Sums  7-13
Conformal Manifolds admitting Ricci-flat Weyl Structures  15-33
Description of the Associated Varieties for the Discrete Series Representations of a Semisimple Lie Group  35-52
Another Look at the Differential Operators on Quantum Matrix Spaces and its Applications  53-80
Fermat Quotients and the Polynomial Time Discrete Log Algorithm for Anomalous Elliptic Curves  81-92
Kocher-Maass Dirichlet Series Corresponding to Jacobi forms and Cohen Eisenstein Series  93-122