Commentarii mathematici Universitatis Sancti Pauli Rikkyo University 32(2) (19831200)

 CiNii Books

Almost-Slender Groups and Fuchs-44-Groups  131-135
Definability in the Abstract Theory of Integration  137-161
On the Pirtle Property of Semigroup Rings  163-169
Direct Sums of Cyclic Summands  171-176
Approximation Theorems in Categories  177-187
The Structure of a Class of r-Lattices  189-194
Completeness Theorem for Some Logic in Terms of Interval Semantics  195-202
On a Construction of Homogeneous CR-Submanifolds in a Complex Projective Space  203-207
A Splitting Property on a Set of Ideals and a Weak Saturation Hypothesis  209-216
The Kernel of the Iwasawa Homomorphism  217-224
On the Analytic Continuation of Certain Dirichlet Series  225-228
The Zeros of the Riemann Zeta Function and Gibbs's Phenomenon  229-248