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Effects of Some Ions and Drugs on the Aconitine-induced Fibrillation of the Purkinje Fibers  本文: CiNii    1819-1831
Electrophysiological Study on the Effect of Several Drugs on the Free Wall of the Right Ventricle in Dogs with Pulmonary Stenosis  本文: CiNii    1833-1841
Studies on the Turnover of Myocardial Actomyosin in Dogs with Experimental Aortic Insufficiency and the Effect of Vitamin B_<12> on Actomyosin Metabolism  本文: CiNii    1843-1848
Perfusion Method for the Dog Kidney with an Artificial Heart-Lung Apparatus  本文: CiNii    1849-1854
English Summary of Original Article written in Japanese  本文: CiNii    1855-1856
Fallot四徴の血行動態におよぼすisoproterenolとpropranololの効果 : 無酸素発作の発生および治療に関する考察  本文: CiNii    1857-1863
Surgical Treatment of Coronary Arterio-venous Fistula : Part I  本文: CiNii    1865
Add : Part I  本文: CiNii    1865
Absence of Interior Vena Cave with Congenital Heart Disease : a Report of 5 Cases and Clinical Consideration of Its Significance in Cardiac Surgery : Part I  本文: CiNii    1866
Add. Our Recent Experience of Two Cases of Cardiac Anomalies associated with Absence of Superior Part of the Inferior Vena Cava : Part I  本文: CiNii    1866
Add. Coronary Sinus Rhythm in Absence of the Inferior Vena Cava : Part I  本文: CiNii    1866
Surgical Repair of Ventricular Septal Defect associated with Pulmonary Hypertension : Part I  本文: CiNii    1866-1867
Review of the Surgical Cases of Congenital Heart Disease associated with Abnormalities of the Mitral Valve : Part I  本文: CiNii    1867
Add : Part I  本文: CiNii    1867-1868
Prosthetic Valve Replacement in Congenital Heart Diseases : a Report of 25 Consecutive Patients : Part I  本文: CiNii    1868
Hemodynamic Study of Wada's Hingeless Valve : Part I  本文: CiNii    1868
Add. : Part I  本文: CiNii    1868-1869
The Criterion Indicating Open Commissurotomy on Mitral Stenosis with Atrial Fibrillation : Part I  本文: CiNii    1869
A Study of Prognosis on the Patients received Commissurotomy : on Some Prognostic Factors after 3 Years of Operation : Part I  本文: CiNii    1869-1870
Postoperative Long-term Survey of the Patients with Tetralogy of Fallot : Part I  本文: CiNii    1870
Changes in Hemodynamics after Cardiac Surgery : Part I  本文: CiNii    1870
Hemodynamics of Angiodysplasia : Part I  本文: CiNii    1870-1871
The Effects of Dibenzyline on the Peripheral Circulation in Open Heart Surgery : Part I  本文: CiNii    1871
Experimental Studies on Artificial Pacemaker : Peripheral Circulatory Dynamics in Dogs with Complete A-V Block : Part I  本文: CiNii    1871-1872
Post-operative Care of Circulatory Condition of the Patients after Cardiovascular Surgery : Part I  本文: CiNii    1872
Studies on Open-Heart Surgery with Total Body Perfusion (IX) : Electrically Induced Ventricular Fibrillation : Part I  本文: CiNii    1872-1873
A Study on the Extracorporeal Circulation with Large Volume Hemodilution : Part I  本文: CiNii    1873
Evaluation of the Hypotension During Extracorporeal Circulation with Heart-Lung Machine : Part I  本文: CiNii    1873
Some Notes on the Clinical Application of Assisted Circulation : Part I  本文: CiNii    1873-1874
Experimental Studies on Electrocardiogram and Vectorcardiogram : Difference in the Transmembrane Potential of Various Sites of the Rabbit Ventricle : Part I  本文: CiNii    1874
Effects of Calcium Ion on Surface and Intracellular Electrograms and Contractility of Dog's Heart : Part I  本文: CiNii    1874-1875
On the Electrocardiograms and Vectorcardiograms in Hyperpotassemia : Part I  本文: CiNii    1875
Studies on ECG and VCG in Chronic Pulmonary Disease : Part I  本文: CiNii    1876
Vectorcardiographic Findings of Congenital Heart Diseases (Left-to-Right Shunt Group) : Part I  本文: CiNii    1876
Counterclockwise Superiorly Displaced Frontal Plane Loops ("Atrioventricular Canal Type Loop") of the Vectorcardiogam in Congenital Heart Diseases Except Persistent Common Atrioventricular Canal : Part I  本文: CiNii    1876-1877
The Vectorcardiographic Study of Sokolow & Lyon Criteria for the Electrocardiographic Diagnosis of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy : Part I  本文: CiNii    1877
Vectorcardiographic Studies of Left Axis Deviation (LAD) : Part I  本文: CiNii    1877-1878
Vectorcardiogram of the Hypertensive (Frank's System) : Part I  本文: CiNii    1878
Comparative Study of Angiogram, Electrocardiogram and Vectorcardiogram on the Disease with Left Ventricular Diastolic Loading : Part I  本文: CiNii    1878
Vectorcardiographic Studies on Pressure and Volume Overload of Left Ventricle : Part I  本文: CiNii    1878-1879
The Relationships between T Waves in ECG and the Electrolytes in Heart Muscles : Part I  本文: CiNii    1879
Studies on Giant Negative T Wave : Part I  本文: CiNii    1879-1880
Clinical Study on Changes of ST Segment and T Wave in Leads V_1, V_2 and/or V_3 : Part I  本文: CiNii    1880
Studies of the High Amplitude Electrocardiogram : The Dipolar T Wave Obserbed by the Simultaneous Tracing of Precordial Leads : Part I  本文: CiNii    1880-1881
Relationship between ECG and Autopsy Findings of the Heart (8th report) : Part I  本文: CiNii    1881
Studies on ECG Change in Experimental Anaphylaxis of Rabbits and its Causing Factors (II) : Part I  本文: CiNii    1881
Changes in EKG during Defecation : Part I  本文: CiNii    1882
Quantitative Criteria for Automatic Diagnosis of the ECG with Frank's Lead System : Part I  本文: CiNii    1882-1883
Digital Computer Simulation of Ventricular Propagation and Reconstruction of Electrocardiographic QRS Patterns : Normal and Abnormal Ventricular Excitations (RBBB, Extrasystole) : Part I  本文: CiNii    1883
Circulatory and Respiratory Response to Rapid Decompression : Part I  本文: CiNii    1883-1884
Analysis of the Mechanism in Development of Exertional Dyspnea : Part I  本文: CiNii    1884
Relation between Development of Cardiac Failure and Cardiopulmonary Function in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease : Part I  本文: CiNii    1884-1885
Experimental Studies on Chronic Cor Pulmonale (V) Comparison with Left Heart Hypertrophy : Part I  本文: CiNii    1885
Morphological Study of the Pulmonary Arteries in Chronic Cor Pulmonale : Part I  本文: CiNii    1885-1886
Clinical Evaluation of Pre-capillary Pulmonary Arterio-venous Shunt : Part I  本文: CiNii    1886
Studies on Broncho-Pulmonary Circulation (7th report) Assessment of Direct Method for Bronchial Blood Flow Measurement : Part I  本文: CiNii    1886-1887
Transpleural Retrograde Blood-flow in the Pulmonary Artery : Clinical Investigation mainly by Angiography : Part I  本文: CiNii    1887
Experimental Microscopic Observations on the Pulmonary Peripheral Vessels : Effects of Autonomic Nerve Blocking during Hypoxia : Part I  本文: CiNii    1887
Regulation of Circulation : Perfusion of Saline-filled Lung in a Box : Part I  本文: CiNii    1887-1888
Functional Factors in the Regulation of the Pulmonary Circulation : Part I  本文: CiNii    1888
Effect of Hypoxia upon the Pulmonary Vessels (1) : Part I  本文: CiNii    1888-1889
Pulmonary Vasomotor Response in Relation to Changes in Pulmonary Mixed Venous Blood Po_2 : Part I  本文: CiNii    1889
Hemodynamic Studies on the Abnormal Distribution of Pulmonary Blood Flow : with Special Reference to the Effects of Gravity : Part I  本文: CiNii    1889-1890
Effect of Exercise and Acetylcholine on the Pulmonary Circulation in Mitral and Congenital Heart Disease : Part I  本文: CiNii    1890
The Research for the Cause of Pulmonary Hypertension (1) Hemodynamical Findings (Infants and Children) : Part I  本文: CiNii    1890-1891
The experimental Studies on the Pulmonary Embolism and Infarction : with Special Reference of the Bronchial Circulatory Flow : Part I  本文: CiNii    1891
Clinical and Experimental Studies on Pulmonary Embolism : Part I  本文: CiNii    1891-1892
Studies on Cerebral Circulation using the Dye-Dilution Method : Part I  本文: CiNii    1892
Cerebrovascular Reactivity to Carbon Dioxide (II) : Part I  本文: CiNii    1892-1893
Studies in Chemical Control of Cerebral Vessels : Effect of Acetazolamide on Cerebral Vascular Reactivity : Part I  本文: CiNii    1893
Vascular Change including Microcirculatory Disturbance and Lipid Metabolism in Cerebral Vascular Disease : Part I  本文: CiNii    1893-1894
Experimental Studies on the Circulation in the Small Blood Vessels of the Brain (19th Report) : Part I  本文: CiNii    1894
The Influence of Dietary Protein on the Renal Function in Chronic Glomerulonephritis : Part I  本文: CiNii    1894-1895
Localization of Intravenously Injected Ferritin-labeled Nephrotoxic Antibody in Glomerular Basement Membrane : Attempt to Induce Nephritis by Intravenous Injection of Isolated Ferritin-labeled Nephrotoxic Globulin : Part I  本文: CiNii    1895
Urinary Excretion of Antinuclear Factors in Systemic Lupus Erythematodes : Part I  本文: CiNii    1895-1896
Add. Antinuclear Factors In Urines of Two Patrents with Lupus Nephritis (Preliminary Report) : Part I  本文: CiNii    1896
Renal Metabolism in Separate Sites (IVth Report) : Part I  本文: CiNii    1896-1897
Effects of the Blood Pressure Changes on the Renal Functions in Essential Hypertension : Part I  本文: CiNii    1897
Studies on the Function and Structure of the Kidney (VI) : Correlation between the Change of Renal Function by Antihypertensive Treatment and Renal Vascular Alteration in Essential Hypertension : Part I  本文: CiNii    1897-1898
Renal Function of Patients with Pulmonary Ventilatory Disturbance : Part I  本文: CiNii    1898
The Clinical Evaluation of the Renal Function Test by the RISA-Hippuran Reno-Cysto-Cardiography using the Radioisotope Human Serum Albumin and the Radioisotope Hippuran : Analysis of the A-Segment in the Radioisotope Renogram : Part I  本文: CiNii    1898-1899
A Study of Renal Circulation : Part I  本文: CiNii    1899
Alterations in Renal Hemodynamics during Hemorrhaogic Hypotension : Part I  本文: CiNii    1899-1900
Influence of Heart Rate and of Cardiac Sympathetic Stimulation on Hemodynamics in Shock : Part I  本文: CiNii    1900
Experimental Studies on the Nervous Control of the Renal Circulation : Comparison with the Circulation of the Paw : Part I  本文: CiNii    1900-1901
Intrinsic Adenosine : Catecholamine System in the Renal Circulation : Part I  本文: CiNii    1901
Study on Renal Circulation (5th Report) : Part I  本文: CiNii    1901-1902
Clinical Patho-Physiological Studies on the Effects of Low Oxgen Gas Inhalation on the Renal Circulation and Mineral Metabolism in Various Disease : Part I  本文: CiNii    1902
Studies on Vascular Lesions of Human Placenta (I) : Part II  本文: CiNii    1903
Further Studies on the Edematous Arterial Reaction : Demonstration of Vasa Vasorum in the Innermost Layers of Media of Dog's and Rabbit's Aortas and their Vascular Leakage : Part II  本文: CiNii    1903-1904
Studies on Serum and Urine Volatile Substance : Part II  本文: CiNii    1904
Blood Platelet Adhesiveness in Thrombotic Diseases : Part II  本文: CiNii    1904-1905
Comparative Study on the Lipids of Fatty Streaks and Fibrous Plaque with Normal Intima and Media of the Thoracic Aorta in American Males : Part II  本文: CiNii    1905
On the Fatty Acid Peroxides and Antioxidants in the Human Aorta : Part II  本文: CiNii    1905-1906
Lipid Metabolism in Twins : Part II  本文: CiNii    1906-1907
Studies on Pathophysiologic Significance of Post-alimentary-Lipemia in Patients with Coronary Scleroses : Part II  本文: CiNii    1907
The Mechanism of Free Fatty Acid Removal in Rat Liver : Part II  本文: CiNii    1907-1908
Study on the Classification of Hyperlipidemias : Part II  本文: CiNii    1908
Clinical Patterns of Lipemia : I. Clinical Findings in Lipemic Patients : Part II  本文: CiNii    1908-1909
The Effect of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid on Lipid Metabolism : Part II  本文: CiNii    1909
Effects of Chondroitin Sulfates on Experimental Atherosclerosis in Primates : Part II  本文: CiNii    1909-1910
Studies on Atherosclerosis Effects of Vitamin B_2 to Atherosclerosis (Report 3) : Part II  本文: CiNii    1910
Treatment of Experimental Atherosclerosis by Pyridinolcarbamate : Part II  本文: CiNii    1910-1911
Studies on Potassium Metabolism in the Cardiac Muscle of Rats Deficient in Thiamine and/or Potassium : Part II  本文: CiNii    1911
Total Exchangeable Sodium and Ciriculating Blood Volume in Patients with Diabetes and Essential Hypertension : Part II  本文: CiNii    1912
The Electron Microscopic Study on the Adenosinetriphosphatase Activity of the Heart Muscle : Part II  本文: CiNii    1912
Enzyme Activity in the Myocardium in Experimental Hypertension induced by Adrenal Regeneration : Part II  本文: CiNii    1912-1913
Studies on Serum Creatine Kinase Activity and Its Isozymes in Heart Disease : Part II  本文: CiNii    1913
Study on the Left Atrial Performance : Part II  本文: CiNii    1913-1914
Hemodynamic Response to Exercise in Atrial Fibrillation : Part II  本文: CiNii    1914
Determination of Cardiac Output by Rebreathing Method : Part II  本文: CiNii    1914-1915
Add. Continuous Oxygen Saturation Recording using Fiberoptic Catheter System : A Preliminary Report : Part II  本文: CiNii    1915
The Effect of Alteration in Acid-Base Balance to Susceptibility of Heart : Part II  本文: CiNii    1915-1916
Add. Significance of Correction of Metabolic Acidosis on the Cardiovascular Dynamics : Experimental and Clinical Study : Part II  本文: CiNii    1916
Studies on the Metabolism of Carbohydrate, Lipids and Contractile Protein in Myocardium and on the Hemodynamics in the Dogs with Experimentally Produced Aortic Valvular Lesions : Part II  本文: CiNii    1916
Clinical Studies on Cardiac Performance by Means of Left and Right Heart Catheterization (6) Hemodynamic Effects of Methoxamine : Part II  本文: CiNii    1916-1917
Right Cardiac and Pulmonary Hemodynamics Observed by a Newly Devised Intravascular Microtransducer : Part II  本文: CiNii    1917
A Fundamental Study of the Contractile Force of the Myocardium : Part II  本文: CiNii    1917-1918
Studies on the Contractility of the Heart Muscle Strip of Dogs : Relationship between the Digitalis, the Calcium Ion and the Norepinephrine (2nd report) : Part II  本文: CiNii    1918
Isometric Time-Tension Index ((dp)/(Dt)/IIT) as a Parameter of the Myocardial Contractility : Part II  本文: CiNii    1918-1919
Apexcardiography : (1)Influence of Transducer-characteristics on Waveform and Phase (2) Decay Characteristic and Frequency Response of Currently used Devices (3) Comparison of Apexcardiogram and Kinetocardiogram : Part II  本文: CiNii    1919
Studies on Low Frequency Movement of the Precordium : Part II  本文: CiNii    1920
Add. The Clinical Usefulness of Simultaneous Recording of Audible and Subaudible Cardiac Vibrations : Part II  本文: CiNii    1920
A Clinical Study on the Hemodynarnic Response to Exercise in Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease and with Heart Failure : Part II  本文: CiNii    1920-1921
Clinical Aspects of Primary Myocardial Disease The Diagnostic Importance of Phonocardiography and Mechanocardiography : Part II  本文: CiNii    1921
Phonocardiographic Study of Thyroid Bruid and its Mechanism : Part II  本文: CiNii    1921-1922
Phonocardiogram of the Hypertensive by Inhalation of Amyl-Nitrite : Part II  本文: CiNii    1922
A Design of Modified Envelope Phonocardiography using Peak Value and its Clinical Use : Part II  本文: CiNii    1922-1923
Automatic Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Sounds by an Analog Data Processing System : Part II  本文: CiNii    1923
Diagnosis of Renovascular Hypertension : Part II  本文: CiNii    1923
Add.  本文: CiNii    1923-1924
Studies on the Management of Essential Hypertension (V) : A Tentative Plan for the Choice of Drugs : Part II  本文: CiNii    1924
Effects of Long-Term Administration of Trichlormethiazide in the Hypertensive Subjects of Old Age : Part II  本文: CiNii    1924-1925
Hypertension Severity Index (IV) : Part II  本文: CiNii    1925
The Prognosis of Essential Hypertension (Report VI) : Prognostic Significance of the Radiographic Finding of the Heart and Aortic Knob : Part II  本文: CiNii    1925-1926
Studies on Peripheral Vascular Hemodynamics in Hypertensive Patients Relationships between Vasoconstrictor Effects of Noradrenaline Infusion and of Cold Pressor Test : Part II  本文: CiNii    1926
An Analysis on Adpresso `Finger Plethysmogram' in the Aged Hypertensives by Cold-Pressor Test : Part II  本文: CiNii    1926
Studies on Experimental Renal Hypertension : Part II  本文: CiNii    1926-1927
Acute Vascular Lesions in Experimental Renovascular Hypertension : On the Properties of Renal Factor : Part II  本文: CiNii    1927-1928
Effect of the Extrahepatic Venous Ligature on Experimental Renal Hypertension in Rabbits : Part II  本文: CiNii    1928
Studies on the Role of Lysosomes in the Pathogenesis of Cardiovascular Diseases Report No. 1 : Renin, Acid ATPase and Vascular Permeability Factor in Rat Kidney Subcellular Particles : Part II  本文: CiNii    1928
Isolation and Synthesis of Human Angiotensin : Part II  本文: CiNii    1928-1929
Experimental Studies of Hypertension : (VII) Purification and Enzymatic Properties of Angiotensinase in Red Cells from Rabbits : Part II  本文: CiNii    1929
Studies on Angiotensin-II : Hypertension and Angiotensinase Activity : Part II  本文: CiNii    1929-1930
A Study on Hypertension : the Effect of Synthetic Angiotensin-II on the Release of the Adrenal Medullary Catecholamine : Part II  本文: CiNii    1930
Conditioned Pressor Response and its Biochemical Background : Part II  本文: CiNii    1930-1931
The Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System in Juvenile Hypertension : Part II  本文: CiNii    1931
The Mechanism of Renin Secretion following Electrical Stimulation of the Midbrain : Part II  本文: CiNii    1931-1932
Effect of Hydralazine on Plasma Renin Activity in Hypertensive Patients : Part II  本文: CiNii    1932
The Change of Renin Content of the Kidney and Production Rate of Aldosterone in the Aderenals on Chronic Stage of Experimental Renal Hypertension : Part II  本文: CiNii    1932-1933
Studies on the Vasopressor and the Anti-Vasopressor Factor in the Renovascular Hypertension : Part II  本文: CiNii    1933
An Experimental Study on the Function of Multiple Pacemaker in the Atrium in the Condition of Organic Disturbance of the S-A Node : Part II  本文: CiNii    1933-1934
Observation of Atrio-ventricular Condition of Excitation as Evoked in Rabbit Atria at High Frequencies, by Means of Microelectrode Technique : Part II  本文: CiNii    1934
Experimental Study on Atrial Fibrillation (continued) : On the Difference at Right and Left Atrium as to Occurrence and Maintenance of Aconitine Induced Fibrillation after Interatrial Block : Part II  本文: CiNii    1934-1935
Studies on Power Spectrum Analysis of a f-Wave in Atrial Fibrillation : Part II  本文: CiNii    1935-1936
Ventricular Fibrillation Threshold (VFRT) in Acute Myocardial Infarction : The Effect of G-I-K Solution on VFRT in Experimental Coronary Occlusion : Part II  本文: CiNii    1936
Modes of Action of New Antifibrillatory Drugs : Part II  本文: CiNii    1936-1937
The Changes in Cardiac Output with Reversion of Atrial Fibrillation to Sinus Rhythm : Part II  本文: CiNii    1937
Arrhythmias Induced by Cardioversion : Part II  本文: CiNii    1937-1938
Cardioversion using DC-defibrillator : Part II  本文: CiNii    1938
Studies on Coronary Circulation : an Attempt of Calculation of the Coronary Blood Flow from the Flow Rate of Great Vessels near the Heart : Part III  本文: CiNii    1939
Study on Coronary Circulation (III) : Investigation of the Factors which Influence the Coronary Blood Flow : Part III  本文: CiNii    1939-1940
Phasic Coronary Flow Patterns in Experimental Acute Aortic Insufficiency : Part III  本文: CiNii    1940
Clinical Studies on Coronary Circulation : Effects of Dipyridamol and Propranolol on Coronary Circulation in Coronary Sclerosis and Noncoronary Cases : Part III  本文: CiNii    1940-1941
Development of Collateral Circulation on the Partial Constriction of Coronary Artery : Part III  本文: CiNii    1941
Postmortem Angiographic Studies on the Intercoronary Arterial Anastomoses : Part III  本文: CiNii    1941-1942
Studies of the Hearts in the Aged : With Special Reference to Intramyocardial Microarchitecture of the Coronary Arteries : Part III  本文: CiNii    1942
Selective Coronary Artery Infusion as a Treatment of Acute Coronary Arterial Occlusion : Part III  本文: CiNii    1942-1943
Prognosis of Myocardial Infarction : Part III  本文: CiNii    1943
Electromyographic Studies on the Shoulder-hand Syndrome in the Case of Myocardial Infarction (II) : A Consideration upon EMG by Voluntary Contraction and Evoked EMG of Rabbits experimentally Produced Myocardial Infarction : Part III  本文: CiNii    1943-1944
Electrokymographic Studies on the Infarcted Heart and Kinetic Aneurysms : Part III  本文: CiNii    1944
Effect of Endocardectomy through Left Atrium to Experimental Myocardial Infarction : Part III  本文: CiNii    1945
Diagnosis and Clinical Spectrum of Primary Myocardial Disease : Part III  本文: CiNii    1945
Idiopathic Myocardiopathy : Part III  本文: CiNii    1945-1946
Studies on Endo-Myocardial Biopsy : (2) Histological Comparison of Biopsied Specimen Obtained with Bioptome (Konno) to that with Needle during Heart Surgery and to Post Mortem Specimen (3) Hemodynamic Findings and Histological Features of Biopsied Endomyocardium in Patients with Heart Disease : Part III  本文: CiNii    1946
Possibility of Cell Division of Heart Muscle in Cardiac Hypertrophy : Part III  本文: CiNii    1947
Immunofuorescent Studies on Anti-heart Activities of Rheumatic Fever (Continued) : Part III  本文: CiNii    1947
Studies on Adult Rheumatic Fever (4) : The Clinical Aspects of Active Rheumatic Carditis : Part III  本文: CiNii    1947-1948
Hemodynamic Observations on Rheumatic Heart Disease in Childhood : Part III  本文: CiNii    1948
Clinical Study on Left Atrial Overloading in Patient with Mitral Stenosis : Part III  本文: CiNii    1948-1949
Manifestation and Development of Cardiovascular Diseases : A Prospective Study covering 7,000 Railway Workers : Part III  本文: CiNii    1949-1950
Epidemiological Study on Cerebrovascular Disease and Ischemic Heart Disease : Part III  本文: CiNii    1950
Prospective Epidemiological Study on the Prognosis of Hypertensive Disease in Hisayama, Kyushu Island, Japan : Part III  本文: CiNii    1950-1951
Add. Epidemiological Study on Essential Hypertension Ten-Year Follow-up Study in Sempoku Town, the North-eastern District of Japan : Part III  本文: CiNii    1951
On the Investigation of the Heart Failure among Elementary-Middle, and High School Students in Mie Prefecture : Part III  本文: CiNii    1951
Epidemiological Usefulness of Electrocardiograms by the Minnesota Code : Part III  本文: CiNii    1951-1952
Studies on Myocardial Nucleic Acids and Protein Metabolism in Experimentally induced Cardiac Failure : Part III  本文: CiNii    1952
Respiration of Canine Heart Mitochondria in Acute Cardiac Failure : Part III  本文: CiNii    1952-1953
Studies on Catechols (XXIV) : Catecholamine Metabolism on Cardiac Failure : Part III  本文: CiNii    1953
Simultaneous Measurements of the Cardiac Output and Peripheral Venous Pressure at Rest and During Mild Supine Leg Exercise in Normal and Abnormal Heart : a Study of the Congestive Heart Failure : Part III  本文: CiNii    1953-1954
Clinical Studies on "Water-Electrolyte Regulation Mechanism" in Chronic Congestive Heart Failure : Part III  本文: CiNii    1954-1955
Studies of the Carotid Body and the Carotid Sinus Nerve (Third Report) : the Fine Structure and Function of the Carotid Baroreceptor in Experimental Renal Hypertension : Part III  本文: CiNii    1955
Experimental Studies on Central Regulation of the Blood Pressure in the Rabbits : Part III  本文: CiNii    1956
Experimental Studies on the Responses of Blood Pressure Elevation Following an Occlusion of the Arteries at the Base of the Brain : Part III  本文: CiNii    1956
Influence of Electrical Stimulation of Brain on Cardiac Function, Mainly on Electrocardiogram : Part III  本文: CiNii    1956-1957
Effects of Nucleoside and Nucleotide on Myocardial Metabolism : Incorporation of Adenosine and ATP into Myocardial Nucleotides : Part III  本文: CiNii    1957
Clinicopharmacoloaical Study of Coronary Vasodilators with Coronary Catheterization : Part III  本文: CiNii    1957-1958
The Effect of Propranolol on the Haemodynamic Changes caused by Cigarette Smoking : Part III  本文: CiNii    1958
Hamodynamic Effect of Beta-adrenercgic Blockade in Tetralogy of Fallot and its Clinical Significance : Part III  本文: CiNii    1958-1959
The Effect of Coronary Vasodilators on the Ventricular Ectopic Beats induced by Digitalis : Part III  本文: CiNii    1959
Pharmacological Studies on Autonomic Ganglia in the Dog Kidney : Part III  本文: CiNii    1959-1960
A Quantim-Biological Study of the Pharmacological Action of Thiazide Diuretics : Part III  本文: CiNii    1960
The Effect of Furosemide on the Hemodynamics of the Heart : Part III  本文: CiNii    1960-1961
Evaluation of the Method for Measuring Plasma Levels of Cardiac Glycosides (2nd Report) : Part III  本文: CiNii    1961
Studies on the Metabolism of Digitoxin : Enzymatic Hydroxylation of Digitoxin in Rat Liver : Part III  本文: CiNii    1961
Studies of Changes of Rates of Transfer of Na^<22>. Rb^<86> across the Pericardium of Dogs by Intrapericardial Administration of Digitalis and Its Electrocardiogram : Part III  本文: CiNii    1962
Studies on the Estrogen-like Activity of Digitalis : Part III  本文: CiNii    1962
The Investigation of Experimental Acute Digitalis Intoxication (4th report) : The Effect of Adenosine Triphosphate : Part III  本文: CiNii    1962-1963
The Effects of experimentally induced Hypomagnesemia upon the Action of Digitalis : Part III  本文: CiNii    1963
Effects of Cardiac Glycosides on Distribution of Body Electrolytes (II) : Part III  本文: CiNii    1963-1964
Auto-anti-artery Antibody in TAKAYASU's Arthritis and Other Various Vascular Diseases : Part III  本文: CiNii    1964
Occlusive Thromboaortopathy : Its Clinical Features, Treatment, Follow-up Study and Some Biospy Findings of the Deep Femoral Arteries : Part III  本文: CiNii    1964-1965
Etiological Factors for the Formation of Mycotic Aneurysms : Part III  本文: CiNii    1965
Die arteriellen Veranderungen beim Behcet-Symptomenkomplex : Part III  本文: CiNii    1965-1966
A Study of Venous Circulation : Especially about the Effects of Arteriosclerosis Hypertensioni and so called "Phlenico-digital Syndrom" for the Venous Pressure and it's Respiratory Movement : Part III  本文: CiNii    1966
The Changes of Jugular Venous Pulse Curve by Respiratory and Pharmacological Loads : Part III  本文: CiNii    1966-1967
On the Midline Echo Pulsation of Ultrasonic Echoencephalogram : Part III  本文: CiNii    1967
Clinical and Experimental Studies of Ultralow-frequency Ballistocardiogram : Observations on the Acceleration and Velocity Records in Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease : Part III  本文: CiNii    1967-1968
Hingeless Valve : A New Prosthetic Heart Valve : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1969
Clinical Approach of the Artificial Heart : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1969-1970
Pulmonary Function after Cardiac Surgery : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1970
Arrhythmias Induced by Cardioversion : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1970-1971
Spatial Velocity, Accelerated Velocity, and Magnitude Electrocardiograph and Its Clinical Applications : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1971
A Study of the Normal Frank Spatial Vectorcardiogram : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1971-1972
Effects of the Increased Pulmonary Volume on the Spatial Vectorcardiogram : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1972
On the Pacemaker Shift and Conduction Block of the Sinus Node : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1972-1973
Studies on A-V Transmission : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1973
Cardiovascular Conduction and its Function : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1973
The CJenesis of the Primary ST Depression : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1974
ST Depression induced by Experimental Partial Obstruction of Left Coronary Artery Branch in Dogs : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1974-1975
Analysis of Pulmonary Arterial Pressure Contour : with Special References to the Vibratory Distorting Effect : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1975
Renal Circulation and Renal Function studied by Means of Reubi's Method : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1975-1976
Hemodynamics in Coronary Sclerosis : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1976
Pooling of "Not Circulating Blood" in the Splanchnic Vascular Bed during Experimental Hemorrhagrc Shock : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1976-1977
The Pressure-Flow Relationships of Human Brachial Artery : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1977
A Study on the Carotid Pulse Wave analyzed by an Average Pattern Method : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1977-1978
A Clinical Study of the First Derivative of the Brachial Pulse : Harmonic Analysis of the Brachial First Derivative : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1978
The Isometric Time-Tension Index and the Myocardial Tension as Measures of Contractility in the Intact Heart : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1978-1979
Clinical Application of Intracardiac Phonocardiography : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1979
Automatic Analysis of the Phonocardiogram : Especially in Relation to the Measurement Process : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1979-1980
Studies on the Motion of the Tricuspid Valve with Ultrasonic Method : III : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1980
Three Directional Ballistocardiogram in Pulmonary Stenosis : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1980-1981
Studies on the Human Body Vibration and Damping in the Living Condition (2nd Report) : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1981
Studies on Arteriosclerosis (VIII) : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1981-1982
Histochemical Demonstration of Adrenergic Fivers in the Smooth Muscle Layer of Media of Dorsal-pedal Artery : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1982
Some New Roentgen-findings in the Patients of Aortic Arch Syndrome : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1982
Studies on Myocardial Protein and Amino Acid Metabolism : Observations on the Intermediary Metabolism of the Heart as Measured by ^<14>C-labeled Acetate, Pyruvate and Amino Acid Utilization : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1982-1983
Triglyceride Construction in Plasma, Liver and Adipose Tissue : Exhibits  本文: CiNii    1983
Discussion (in Japanese) : Proceedings of the 31st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society  本文: CiNii    1985-2004
Annoucement  本文: CiNii    2005-2008
[OTHERS]  本文: CiNii