Journal of Information Processing 一般社団法人情報処理学会 12(2) (19890830)

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A Statistical Database Model : Its Uniqueness and the Design Procedure  本文: CiNii    105-118
An O(n(n^2/p+log p)) Parallel Algorithm to Compute the All Pairs Shortest Paths and the Transitive Closure  本文: CiNii    119-124
An Analysis of User Behavior and Demand Swapping Policies in Time-Sharing Systems  本文: CiNii    125-138
Transmedia Machine  本文: CiNii    139-146
Euclidean Type Algorithm for Multiplication Modulo PII  本文: CiNii    147-153
Roughly Sorting: Sequential and Parallel Approach  本文: CiNii    154-158
Approximate Square-free Decomposition and Root-finding of III-conditioned Algebraic Equations  本文: CiNii    159-168
Abstracts from "Transactions of Information Processing Society of Japan"  本文: CiNii    169-182
Abstracts from the SIG Notes  本文: CiNii    183-223
Contents of JOHO SHORI  本文: CiNii    224-226
Profiles of Authors  本文: CiNii    227-228
[OTHERS]  本文: CiNii