Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences Kyoto University 24(5) (19881200)

 CiNii Books

The Orders of Invariant Eigendistributions  679-696
Stopping Unitary Processes in Fock Space  697-705
Additivity of Quadratic Maps  707-722
$C\sp \infty$ Ill-Posedness of the Mixed Problem for Hyperbolic Equations of Second Order  723-730
On Bounded Part of an Algebra of Unbounded Operators  731-737
On a Banach Space of Functions Associated with a Homogeneous Additive Process  739-757
Convergence of Finite Difference Scheme and Analytic Date  759-764
Fubini Products of $C\sp *$-algebras and Applications to $C\sp *$-exactness  765-773
On a Geometric Realization of ${\scr A}(2)$  775-782
Dirichlet Series and Convolution Equation  783-810
Equivariant Phantom Maps : Dedicated to Professor Hiroshi Toda on his 60th birthday  811-820