JSME international journal. Ser. 3, Vibration, control engineering, engineering for industry 一般社団法人日本機械学会 34-III(1) (19910315)

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Recent Studies on Fluid Film Lubrication with Non-Newtonian Lubricants  本文: CiNii    1-11
Proposition of an Incremental Transfer Matrix Method for Nonlinear Vibration Analysis  本文: CiNii    12-18
Analysis of Vibrations of Rotating Thin Circular Cylindrical Shells  本文: CiNii    19-25
Asynchronous Stabilization Phenomena of Resonant Oscillations in Nonlinear Systems  本文: CiNii    26-32
Free Vibration Analysis of a Multiple Straight-Line Structure Regarded as a Distributed Mass System by the Transfer Influence Coeflicient Method  本文: CiNii    33-41
The Application of Elastoplastic Support Devices for a Piping System : Device Test and Vibration Test of Piping System and Simulation Analysis  本文: CiNii    42-48
An Evaluation Method for Sampling Intervals in Measurements of Sound Pressure Distribution  本文: CiNii    49-56
Aerodynamic Noise Radiation from a Circular Cutting Tool : Effect of Slit on Aerodynamic Noise Reduction  本文: CiNii    57-63
Identification of Structural System Parameters from Time Domain Data : Direct Identification of Mass, Stiffness and Damping Parameters of a Structure  本文: CiNii    64-71
Squealing of Cylindrical Roller Bearing  本文: CiNii    72-81
A New Numerical Analysis Method for Two-Dimensional Foil-Bearing Problems Based on Inverse Analysis Concept  本文: CiNii    82-90
A Useful Numerical Analysis Method for the Dynamic Characteristics of Fluid Film Lubrication : The Case of Incompressible Fluid Lubrication  本文: CiNii    91-96
On the Heat Balance of Gear Equipment : On a Method for Predicting the Bulk Temperature Rise of Gears and Temperature Rise of Oil with Dip Cooling  本文: CiNii    97-105
Study on Friction Loss of Internal Gear Drives : Intluence of Pinion Surface Finishing, Gear Speed and Torque  本文: CiNii    106-113
A Study on Development of Low Noise Gears : Silencing Effect and Operation Characteristics of Nylon Gears Filled with Plasticizers  本文: CiNii    114-120
A Study on Strength Design Methods for Plastic Gears : Estimation of Operation Life of Plastic Gears Elevated-Temperature Environment  本文: CiNii    121-126
Residual Stress of Case-Hafdened Splined Shaft with Straight-Sided Teeth  本文: CiNii    127-131
Analysis and Classification by Geometric Characteristics of Robot Wrist Configuration  本文: CiNii    132-136
Dynamic Behavior of Crawler-Type Vehicles : 1st Report, The Theoretical Study on Straight Propelling  本文: CiNii    137-143
Fundamental Investigation of Functionally Gradient Material Manufacturing System using Centrifugal Force  本文: CiNii    144-148
Crack-Free Processing of Hot-Pressed Silicon Nitride Ceramics using Pulsed YAG Laser  本文: CiNii    149-153
Contents of the Transactions of the J. S. M. E.  本文: CiNii    154-158
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