JSME international journal. Ser. 3, Vibration, control engineering, engineering for industry The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers 31(4) (19881215)

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Tribological Problems in the Space Development in Japan  Full Text: CiNii    661-670
Free Oscillations in a Self-Sustained System with Solid Friction  Full Text: CiNii    671-683
Free Flexural Vibrations of Coupled Linearly Tapered Bars and Infinitely Wide Cantilever Plates  Full Text: CiNii    684-689
Nonstationary Response Analysis of a Nonsymmetric Nonlinear Multi-Degree-of Freedom System to Nonwhite Random Excitation  Full Text: CiNii    690-697
Parametrically Excited Oscillations of a Rotating Shaft Under a Periodic Axial Force  Full Text: CiNii    698-704
Electromagnetic Damper Stabilization for Contained-Liquid-Induced Rotor Vibration  Full Text: CiNii    705-711
The Dynamics of a Rotor System with a Shaft Having a Slant Crack : A Qualitative Analysis Using a Simple Rotor Model  Full Text: CiNii    712-718
Aeroelastic Response and Stability of Wind Turbine Generators : Behavior of the Turbine Blade  Full Text: CiNii    719-726
A New Measuring Method of Displacement and Position by Means of Variation of Sound Frequency of Air Column in a Small Pipe : Relationship Between Active End Correction and Transit Angle  Full Text: CiNii    727-731
Studies on the Sound and Vibration of a Ball Screw : Sound Characteristics of a Ball Screw  Full Text: CiNii    732-738
An Approximate Model with an Infinite Number of Vehicles for Analysis of Coupled Vibrations Between Railway Vehicle Wheels and Rail in the Vertical Direction  Full Text: CiNii    739-747
Suppression of the Effect of Disturbance Applied to Control Systems : Application to the Design of Stabilized Platform  Full Text: CiNii    748-753
Design of a multivariable Servomechanism and Realization of System Type l_j, j=1,2,…,m by Using Sliding-Mode Control  Full Text: CiNii    754-757
A Study on Three-Dimensional Analysis of the Stress of Force-Fitted Helical Gears  Full Text: CiNii    758-764
Fluid Film Lubrication with Nonlinear Four-Element Viscoelastic Fluids : Finite-Width Journal Bearings and Parallel Circular Bearings in Normal Approach  Full Text: CiNii    765-772
Friction and wear Properties in Fretting at Room Temperature and with Liquid Nitrogen  Full Text: CiNii    773-780
Effects of Load Distribution on the Anti-seizure Capacity of Lubricating Oil : Experimental Results with Crowned Cylinders  Full Text: CiNii    781-788
Studies on Anisotropic Yield Characteristics and Press Formability of Metal Sheets : Investigation into Pure Stretch-Forming  Full Text: CiNii    789-795
Practical Formula for Compressive True Root Stress of Internal Spur Gear Tooth  Full Text: CiNii    796-801
Effect of Standard Pressure Angle on the Bending Fatigue Strength of Helical Gears  Full Text: CiNii    802-807
A Method of Tracking the White-Line Course Using Image Processing for an Autonomously Guided Vehicle  Full Text: CiNii    808-813
Abstract of Papers Published in the Transactions of the J.S.M.E.  Full Text: CiNii    814-817
Errata  Full Text: CiNii    818
Abstract of Papers Published in the Transactions of the J.S.M.E.  Full Text: CiNii    818
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