JSME international journal. Ser. C, Dynamics, control, robotics, design and manufacturing The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers 39-C(3) (19960915)

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Review of Research in Japan on Nonlinear Oscillations of Elastic Structures  Full Text: CiNii    439-449
Frequency Response Analysis of Large-Scale Damped Structures Using Component Mode Synthesis  Full Text: CiNii    450-455
Numerical Scheme and Program for the Solution and Stability Analysis of a Steady Periodic Vibration Problem  Full Text: CiNii    456-463
Development of Antiresonance Enforced Active Vibration Absorber System  Full Text: CiNii    464-469
Two-Dimensional Collisions of Vehicles : Case of Consideration of Vehicle Movements during Impact  Full Text: CiNii    470-476
High-Precision Control of AC Servo Motor Positioning Systems by Friction Compensation  Full Text: CiNii    477-483
A Tracking Controller for Manipulators with Flexible Joints Using Sliding Observer  Full Text: CiNii    484-492
H^∞/μ Control-Based Frequency-Shaped Sliding Mode Control for Flexible Structures  Full Text: CiNii    493-501
H^∞ Control of Milling AMB Spindle  Full Text: CiNii    502-508
A New Method for Phase Readout in Phase Modulated Interferometer  Full Text: CiNii    509-514
Application of Unified Predictive Control to On/Off Control of Hydraulic System Driven by Fast-Switching Solenoid Valves  Full Text: CiNii    515-521
Adaptive Predictive Controller for Hydraulic Systems Driven by Fast Switching On/Off Solenoid Valves  Full Text: CiNii    522-527
Decentralized Robust Control Design for Large-Scale Time-Delay Systems with Time-Varying Uncertainties  Full Text: CiNii    528-533
Position Control of Servo Hydraulic Cylinder Using a Neuro-Fuzzy Controller with On-Line Searched Parameters  Full Text: CiNii    534-540
Development of a Spherical In-Parallel Actuated Mechanism with Three Degrees of Freedom with Large Working Space and High Motion Transmissibility : Evaluation of Motion Transmissibility and Analysis of Working Space  Full Text: CiNii    541-548
Dynamics and Control of Intelligent Jig with Function of Manipulation  Full Text: CiNii    549-559
Study on the Stability and Motion Control of a Unicycle : 3rd Report, Characteristics of Unicycle Robot  Full Text: CiNii    560-568
Study on the Stability and Motion Control of a Unicycle : 4th Report, Fuzzy Gain Schedule PD Controller for Managing Nonlinearity of System  Full Text: CiNii    569-576
Nonlinear Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics of Cylindrical Bearing Oil Film  Full Text: CiNii    577-585
Optimum Magnetic Bearing Design Considering Performance Limitations  Full Text: CiNii    586-596
Optimal Shape Design of Engine Connecting Rod with Special Lumping-Mass Constraint  Full Text: CiNii    597-605
Load Distribution Analysis Method for Cylindrical Worm Gear Teeth  Full Text: CiNii    606-613
Rotational Vibration of a Helical Gear Pair Having Tooth Surface Deviation during Transmission of Light Load  Full Text: CiNii    614-620
Measurements of Distributions of Contact Pressures between Ground Surfaces Using PET Films  Full Text: CiNii    621-628
Robot Design for Stair Navigation  Full Text: CiNii    629-635
Cross-Flow Filtration of Machining Fluids by Microfiltration Membranes : Influence of Chip Size on Permeation Flux  Full Text: CiNii    636-644
Sensory Evaluation of Past Design Cases and Design Candidates for Conceptual Structural Design  Full Text: CiNii    645-651
Machined Feature Recognition Based on Feature Loop and Convex Polyhedron  Full Text: CiNii    652-659
Methods and Effects of Introduction of the Functional Component Grouping Process into Systematization  Full Text: CiNii    660-666
'Z' Approaching Minimum Zone Method for Flatness and Straightness Error Calculation  Full Text: CiNii    667-670
Contents of the Transactions of the J. S. M. E.  Full Text: CiNii    671-676
Errata Ser. C, Vol. 39, No. 2 (June, 1996)  Full Text: CiNii    677
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