IEICE technical report The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers 102(679) (20030228)

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Reactance-Domain MUSIC DOA Estimation Using ESPAR Antenna with Calibrated Equivalent Weight Matrix  Full Text: CiNii    1-8
A simple approach to high-resolution direction-of-arrival estimation employing an ESPAR antenna  Full Text: CiNii    9-14
A Study on Location Measurement Method of a Mobile Station in MC-CDMA : Prediction Accuracy of the Direction of Mobile Station  Full Text: CiNii    15-20
An ESPRIT Algorithm for UCA  Full Text: CiNii    21-28
A simulation study on code combining diversity reception  Full Text: CiNii    29-34
Exact Analysis of Received Signal in CDMA Uplink  Full Text: CiNii    35-40
A Study on Improvement of Capacity by Single Carrier in CDMA Cellular System  Full Text: CiNii    41-47
Channel Assignment Control for Integrated Video/Voice/Data Transmission in Packet-typed CDMA Networks  Full Text: CiNii    49-56
An Erasure Decoding Error Correction Method with Two Reliability Informations for Multi-Carrier Modulatoin  Full Text: CiNii    57-61
Improvements of 5-GHz-band Wireless LAN Transmission Characteristics by Installing of Rock-wool Ceiling Panel Wave Absorber  Full Text: CiNii    63-68
A Novel Space Time Transmitter Diversity Technique for MC-CDMA  Full Text: CiNii    69-73
The Equivalent Path Model for Evaluating MC-CDMA Transmission Characteristics [2] : Multipath Fading Environment Exceeding Guard Interval  Full Text: CiNii    75-81
A Study on Symbol Interleave for Sub-carrier Selected MC-CDMA  Full Text: CiNii    83-88
A Study on Time-domain Channel Estimation Methods for MC-CDMA Systems  Full Text: CiNii    89-94
Adaptive Prediction Iterative Channel Estimation for MC-CDMA Signal Reception in a Frequency Selective Fading channel  Full Text: CiNii    95-102
A Study on Optimum Spreading Factor for Multi-code MC-CDMA  Full Text: CiNii    103-109
Laboratory Experiment on OFCDM Broadband Wireless Access in Forward Link  Full Text: CiNii    111-116
A Study of Spread Code in the 2.4GHz Band DS-SS Wireless LAN System  Full Text: CiNii    117-122
Low Power All Digital Full Duplex Wireless Modem LSI  Full Text: CiNii    123-128
Implementation of Approximately Synchronized CDMA Modem on Digital LSI  Full Text: CiNii    129-134
Performance Evaluation of Internally Low Rate Turbo Coded UWB-IR Systems  Full Text: CiNii    135-140
On a Detection Method of FH Pattern with Likelihood Ratio Decision  Full Text: CiNii    141-145
Quasi-Maximum-likelihood-decoing based on Hard decision of BCH-code beyond BCH-bound  Full Text: CiNii    147-152
Design Criteria for Space-Frequency Trellis Codes over Frequency Selective Fading Channels  Full Text: CiNii    153-160
Performance of Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC) Code with Normalized BP-based Algorithm on Correlated Fading Channels  Full Text: CiNii    161-165
A receiver using Low-Density Parity-Check Code for Frequency Selective Fading Channel  Full Text: CiNii    167-171