APG : Acta phytotaxonomica et geobotanica 日本植物分類学会 53(2) (20021227)

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Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanika  本文: CiNii   
Professor Siro Kitamura (1906-2002)  本文: CiNii    89-94
Mourning from Faraway : In Memory of Prof. Siro Kitamura  本文: CiNii    95-97
The memorial of Prof. S. Kitamura.  本文: CiNii    99
A New Monotypic Genus of the Compositae-Astereae from the Cape Province, South Africa  本文: CiNii    101-105
A New Species of Yoania (Orchidaceae) from Southern Nagano, Central Japan  本文: CiNii    107-114
Two New Species of Diplobryum (Podostemaceae, Podostemoideae) from Laos  本文: CiNii    115-120
A New Variety of Ranunculus japonicus (Ranunculaceae) and Its Genetic Relationships to the Related Species of Sect. Acris in Japan  本文: CiNii    121-132
Morphological Variability of Mertensia pterocarpa (Turcz.) Tatew. & Ohwi (Boraginaceae) in Hokkaido and the Southern Kurils  本文: CiNii    133-141
Chromosome Numbers of Japanese Asclepiadaceae  本文: CiNii    143-152
Intraspecific Polyploids and Hybridization of Plagiogyria adnata and P. yakushimensis (Plagiogyriaceae)  本文: CiNii    153-160
Floral and Pollination Biology of Two Gynodioecious Herbs, Dianthus shinanensis and D. superbus (Caryophyllaceae)  本文: CiNii    161-171
Dimorphism of Pollen Grains and Stigmas in the Heterostylous Subshrub, Reinwardtia indica (Linaceae) in Myanmar  本文: CiNii    173-180
Morphological Variation and Environmental Conditions of Syzygium (Myrtaceae) in the Bonin Islands  本文: CiNii    181-199
The Discovery of Myriophyllum oguraense Miki (Haloragaceae) in China  本文: CiNii    201-204
Index to new names and combinations appearing Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica53  本文: CiNii    i
Acknowledgment  本文: CiNii    ii
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Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica  本文: CiNii   
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