APG : Acta phytotaxonomica et geobotanica 日本植物分類学会 58(2/3) (20071130)

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Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica(Editorial Board)  本文: CiNii   
Notice for Photocopying  本文: CiNii   
Suprageneric Phylogeny of Japanese Cyperaceae Based on DNA Sequences from Chloroplast ndhF and 5.8S Nuclear Ribosomal DNA  本文: CiNii    57-68
Spore Morphology of Cyatheaceae in China  本文: CiNii    69-77
A New Species of the Genus Curcuma L., Zingiberaceae  本文: CiNii    78-82
Begonia (sect. Sphenanthera) hayamiana (Begoniaceae), a New Species from Northern Myanmar  本文: CiNii    83-86
Hybridization and Chloroplast Captures in Asarum sect. Asiasarum (Aristolochiaceae) Documented by Chloroplast DNA Sequences  本文: CiNii    87-96
Nomenclatural Changes in Kalimeris : towards a Revision of Asian Aster and Allied Genera  本文: CiNii    97-99
Chromosomal Characteristics of Oxygyne shinzatoi (Burmanniaceae), and its Phylogenetic Significance  本文: CiNii    100-106
Phylogenetic Relationship and Inter-island Genetic Variation in Malaxis (Orchidaceae), Endemic to the Bonin Islands  本文: CiNii    107-111
Karyological Observations in Musa beccarii var. hottana (Musaceae)  本文: CiNii    112-118
Index to new names and combinations appearing in Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica 58(2/3)  本文: CiNii    119
Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica Vol.58 2007(Divisional titie)  本文: CiNii   
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