APG : Acta phytotaxonomica et geobotanica 日本植物分類学会 65(2) (20140616)

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Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica(Editorial Board)  本文: CiNii   
Reprographic Reproduction outside Japan  本文: CiNii   
New Records of Asplenium varians (Aspleniaceae) and Two New Hybrids in Japan  本文: CiNii    53-65
Light Microscopy and Phylogenetic Analyses of Chlamydomonas Species (Volvocales, Chlorophyceae). II. Molecular Phylogeny, Secondary Structure of ITS-2, Cell Morphology, and Nomenclature of Microglena opisthopyren, and M. media, comb. nov.  本文: CiNii    67-73
Relict Distribution in Pedicularis spicata Pall. (Orobanchaceae) : a New Locality in Central Honshu, Japan  本文: CiNii    75-87
New or Noteworthy Plant Collections from Myanmar (8) Lemna trisulca (Araceae), Blyxa aubertii var. echinosperma, and Najas tenuis (Hydrocharitaceae)  本文: CiNii    89-97
A New Species of Salvia (Lamiaceae) from Chugoku District, Japan, Salvia akiensis sp. nov.  本文: CiNii    99-104
Didymoplexiella trichechus (J.J. Sm.) Garay and a New Variety of Didymoplexis cornuta J.J. Sm. (Orchidaceae) in Borneo  本文: CiNii    105-110
A Newly Discovered Decaploid Species, Angelica minamitanii (Apiaceae)  本文: CiNii    111-114
Index to new names and combinations appearing in Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica 65(2)  本文: CiNii    115
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