Dynamics and Design Conference The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers 2007(10) (20070808)

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第10回「運動と振動の制御」シンポジウム講演論文集(標題紙)  Full Text: CiNii   
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セッションオーガナイザー  Full Text: CiNii    ii
第10回「運動と振動の制御」シンポジウム プログラム  Full Text: CiNii    iii-iv
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特別講演1(中扉)  Full Text: CiNii   
Some Current Research Activities in Mechatronic Applications at AM TUM  Full Text: CiNii    "S-1"-"S-4"
特別講演2(中扉)  Full Text: CiNii   
東工大21世紀COEにおける極限ロボットの開発  Full Text: CiNii    "S-5"-"S-12"
第1日目(中扉)  Full Text: CiNii   
1111 Development of Seismic-Type Absolute Displacement/Velocity Sensor and its Application for Structural Vibration Control  Full Text: CiNii    1-6
1112 Development and characteristic evaluation of the small sensor element for distributed-type tri-axial force sensor of robot finger  Full Text: CiNii    7-11
1113 Velocity control of surface acoustic wave linear motor using two-degree-of-freedom control  Full Text: CiNii    12-15
1114 Active Feedback Control of a Leakage-Flow-Induced Vibration by PZT Control Devices  Full Text: CiNii    16-21
1115 Development of Pneumatic actuator and Its Application to Robot Hand  Full Text: CiNii    22-26
1121 Self-Excited Flapping Mechanism of Flexible Wings  Full Text: CiNii    27-32
1122 Modeling of Engine System and Revolution Control of Hobby-Class Small Unmanned Heicopter  Full Text: CiNii    33-38
1123 Intuitive Explanation to Mysterious Behavior of a Toy 'Rattleback'  Full Text: CiNii    39-42
1131 Gain-Scheduled Control of Electric Power Steering  Full Text: CiNii    43-48
1132 Slip Control of a Lock-Up Clutch by Using Gain-Scheduled H-infinity Control  Full Text: CiNii    49-54
1133 Robust Stabilization of Running Self-Sustaining Two-wheeled Vehicle with Varying Speed and Mass Variations  Full Text: CiNii    55-60
1134 Integrated Controller Design for Automotive Semi-Active Suspension Considering the Characteristic of Vehicle Behavior at Steering  Full Text: CiNii    61-66
1211 Semi-active Vibration Control for Connected Four High-Rise Buildings with MR dampers  Full Text: CiNii    67-72
1212 Improved evaluation of seismic capacity for wooden buildings focusing on complexity of dynamics  Full Text: CiNii    73-77
1213 Meta Data Management for Structural Health Monitoring  Full Text: CiNii    78-81
1221 Suggestion of Structure Health Monitoring by Wireless Network Sensing Technology  Full Text: CiNii    82-85
1222 Development of crack monitoring technique by using PVDF film sensor  Full Text: CiNii    86-90
1223 Development of no-slip optic fibers as Brillouin scattering based distributed sensors  Full Text: CiNii    91-96
1231 Development and Application of Parallel PM Type Hybrid Magnetic Bearing  Full Text: CiNii    97-101
1232 Power Generation Characteristics and Control Method of an Axial Self-Bearing Motor/Generator  Full Text: CiNii    102-105
1233 Noncontact Positioning Mechanism Using Pinning Efect : Basic Study of Positioning by Electromagnt  Full Text: CiNii    106-109
1234 A Study on the Influence of Moving Part Geometry of Electromagnetic Cantilevered Actuators on Open Loop Oscillatory Stabilization  Full Text: CiNii    110-113
1311 Injury Protection Control of Occupant Legs by Active Knee Bolster : Verification for Three-Dimensional Model by Simulation  Full Text: CiNii    114-119
1312 Injury Protection Control of Occupant Legs by Active Knee Bolster : Experimental Verification Using Scale Model  Full Text: CiNii    120-125
1313 Research on Active Seat Belt : Reduction in Overshoot  Full Text: CiNii    126-131
1314 Nonstationary Robust Motion and Vibration Control for Conveyance Machine with Flexible Fork  Full Text: CiNii    132-137
1321 Nonstationary Optimal Control Considering Collision for Positioning and Vibration of Lifting by Conveyance Machine with Flexible Fork  Full Text: CiNii    138-142
1322 Vibration Suppression of Lifting Device Using Active Mass Damper  Full Text: CiNii    143-146
1323 Application of Active Shock Control to Icebreaker  Full Text: CiNii    147-152
1331 Development of Simulation tool for Larage-Scale Shaking Table  Full Text: CiNii    153-156
1332 Measurement of three dimensional displacement using image processing system : Application to a collapse experiment of a detached wooden house  Full Text: CiNii    157-161
1333 Reduction of Vibration on Duffing System Using Pulsating Force  Full Text: CiNii    162-166
1334 Application of Robust Disturbance Force Compensator to Electrodynamic Shaker  Full Text: CiNii    167-172
第2日目(中扉)  Full Text: CiNii   
2111 Development of the EGR-Boost pressure cooperative control using sliding mode control  Full Text: CiNii    173-176
2112 Speed-Up Trial of Electromagnetic Engine Valve  Full Text: CiNii    177-180
2113 High responce engine torque control for driving force control  Full Text: CiNii    181-185
2114 Linearized Model and Motion Control of Motorcycle  Full Text: CiNii    186-191
2121 Formation Control of Autonomous Small-Scall Unmanned Helicopters  Full Text: CiNii    192-197
2122 Synchronized Control for Teleoperation with Different Configurations  Full Text: CiNii    198-203
2123 Flocking of Nonholonomic Agents Considering Collision Avoidance in the Three dimensional Space  Full Text: CiNii    204-209
2124 Formation Stability of Multi-Agent Systems with State-Dependent Stochastic Communication Loss  Full Text: CiNii    210-215
2125 Leader Following in Passivity-based 3D Attitude-Coordination : Convergence Analysis and Experiments  Full Text: CiNii    216-219
2211 Measurement Bandwidth of a Gyroscopic Sensor using Active Magnetic Bearing  Full Text: CiNii    220-223
2212 Fault Detection Based on GIMC Structure for Magnetic Suspension System  Full Text: CiNii    224-229
2213 Multi-modal vibration control of a Flexible Rotor by using Active Magnetic Bearing  Full Text: CiNii    230-235
2214 Realization of Electrostatic Levitation by Voltage Control Using a Variable Capacitor  Full Text: CiNii    236-239
2221 Energy Regenerative Vibration Control of Smart Structure  Full Text: CiNii    240-245
2222 LMI based technique for the identification of plant physical parameters  Full Text: CiNii    246-249
2223 Broadband Robust Controller Design of Multi-Frequency-Band Parallel Control System  Full Text: CiNii    250-255
2224 Impact Detection for Structure Using Surface Bonded Piezoceramic Sensors : 2nd report, Effect of time duration of the measured sensor signals on Impact Identification Capability  Full Text: CiNii    256-261
2225 FDI filter design for active control systems via sliding mode observer  Full Text: CiNii    262-267
2311 Development of an Active Vibration Canceling and Damping System Using Inertial Force Generator  Full Text: CiNii    268-273
2312 Generation of quasi-resonance by variable damper  Full Text: CiNii    274-278
2313 Improvement of Reference Following Performance on Parallel Link Type Motion Simulators  Full Text: CiNii    279-282
2314 Fundamental Research to Realize Multiple-Input Large-scale Flexible Isolation Table  Full Text: CiNii    283-287
2321 Seismic Response Control of A Tower Crane  Full Text: CiNii    288-293
2322 Research and Development of Earthquake Isolation System Using Vertically Utilized Elastic and Elasto-Plastic Coiled Springs  Full Text: CiNii    294-299
2323 Unified Performance Evaluation Technique for Anti-Seismic Structures Based on Energy Balance Equation  Full Text: CiNii    300-303
2324 Realization of low energy control of pneumatic vibration isolator using flow rate feedback control  Full Text: CiNii    304-309
第3日目(中扉)  Full Text: CiNii   
3111 Motion and Vibration Control of Two-link Flexible Robot Arm utilizing Extended Reduced Order of Physical Model with Arbitrary Boundary Condition  Full Text: CiNii    311-316
3112 Tip Position Control of a Two Link Flexible Manipulator  Full Text: CiNii    317-321
3113 Position/Posture/Force/Moment Hybrid Control of 6-DOF Manipulator : Realization of the Arbitrary Direction and Verification with the RPY Type Machine  Full Text: CiNii    322-327
3114 Adaptive Control of Concatenated Closed-Link Hyper-Redundant Manipulators  Full Text: CiNii    328-333
3121 Leg Optimal Allocation and Nonlinear Tracking Control for Wheel Robots with 3DOF SCARA Type Legs  Full Text: CiNii    334-339
3122 Dynamical Characteristics of Lateral Guided Robotic Vehicle with Sensor Steering Mechanism at S-shape curves  Full Text: CiNii    340-343
3123 Research and Development of Six-legged Mini Shovel : Mechanism Design Based on CAD Dynamic Model and Walking Analysis  Full Text: CiNii    344-349
3124 Control and Navigation of an Autonomous Boat  Full Text: CiNii    350-353
3131 Two-degree-of-freedom PD Control of a Weigh Feeder  Full Text: CiNii    354-357
3132 Contact with an Unknown Inclined Plane with Sliding Mode Control and Angle Detection using Vision  Full Text: CiNii    358-362
3133 Study on Landing Process of an acrobat robot  Full Text: CiNii    363-367
3211 Delayed Feedback Control on Chaotic Librational Motion of Electro-Dynamic Tether (EDT) Systems  Full Text: CiNii    368-371
3212 The study on Tape tether deployment system of sounding rocket project  Full Text: CiNii    372-377
3213 Preparing of a microgravity experiment using a rigid body connected by tether  Full Text: CiNii    378-382
3221 Receding Horizon Control on Steering of Control Momentum Gyro for Fast Attitude Maneuver  Full Text: CiNii    383-387
3222 Motion analysis of Control Moment Gyros using steering law of optimization of initial gimbal angles and application to multi target pointing for satellite attitude control  Full Text: CiNii    388-393
3223 Internal Disturbance Cancellation Filter of Control Moment Gyroscopes with Adaptive Observer  Full Text: CiNii    394-399
3224 Disturbance Isolation Platform Design Method for Reaction Wheel to Control Satellite Attitude  Full Text: CiNii    400-405
3231 The study of Dynamic Characteristic Analysis of Tethered SSPS By Using of Flexible Space Structure Model  Full Text: CiNii    406-409
3232 H-infinity robust servo control of two links flexible robot arm taking account of posture change and uncertain payload  Full Text: CiNii    410-415
3233 A Study on Testing Methods for Dynamics & Control of Lunar/Mars Rovers  Full Text: CiNii    416-419
3311 A Newly Developed Optimal Control Theory Based on Energy Equation  Full Text: CiNii    420-425
3312 Swing-up control of 2-link underactuated system with friction around an actuated joint  Full Text: CiNii    426-429
3313 Perturbation Approach for Hamilton-Jacobi Equations of Nonlinear Control Systems : I. When stable directions near equilibria exist  Full Text: CiNii    430-433
3314 Perturbation Approach for Hamilton-Jacobi Equations of Nonlinear Control Systems : II. When all directions near equilibria are unstable  Full Text: CiNii    434-437
3315 An Integral Sliding Mode Controller of Active Suspension Systems with Describing Function Method  Full Text: CiNii    438-443
3321 Stabilization of a mini helicopter with four rotors via backstepping  Full Text: CiNii    444-449
3322 Continuous Disturbance Attenuation Control of Input Constrained Nonlinear Systems  Full Text: CiNii    450-453
3323 High Performance Tracking Control of DC Motor based on Backstepping  Full Text: CiNii    454-457
3324 A New Analysis Method for Nonholonomic Kinematic Systems with Affine Constraints  Full Text: CiNii    458-463
3325 Positioning Control of a Ball-Screw-Driven System with Coulomb Friction via Multi-Segment Sliding Mode Control Method  Full Text: CiNii    464-467
3331 Underwater Propulsion Mechanism by a Self-Excited Flapping Wing  Full Text: CiNii    468-473
3332 Application of Nonstationary Sliding Mode Control for Positioning with Shortening Reaching Time  Full Text: CiNii    474-479
3333 Experimental Verification of Mass Measurement System with a Variable Stiffness Mechanism  Full Text: CiNii    480-483
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