Journal of port cities studies Kobe University (1) (20060300)

 CiNii Books

A Preliminary Study of Research Methodology of Urban Culture in East Asian Port Cities  Full Text: External   3-13
A Review of Researches on the History of Chinese Diplomacy in Zhongshan University  Full Text: External   15-19
The Reception of Chinese Culture in the Early-Modern Port City of Nagasaki  21-32
Preservation of the Historical Heritage in the Port City of Kobe  Full Text: External   33-42
An Actress Who Came from a Port : All-Female Dramatic Performance Kunju 坤劇 in Beijing in 1912-17  Full Text: External   45-57
The Reenacted Tragedies of the 1930's Shanghai Modern Girls in the Movies, Xinnuxing and Ruan Lingyu  59-70
The Portrayal of Korean Residents in Japan as an "Ambiguous" Existence in Oe Kenzaburo's Sakebigoe  Full Text: External   71-83
A Study of the "Sankaura System" : The Functions of Ports in the West Settsu Province in the Late 16th- and the 17th-Centuries  Full Text: External   85-99
The Descendants of Korean Captives of the 16th Century Japanese Invasion : The Lineage of National War Hero Nogi Maresuke  Full Text: External   101-114
A Study on the Roles of Japanese Newspapers Published Overseas : Cases in Korea in the Meiji Period  115-131
The Urban Development of Zhabei District in Shanghai at the Late Qing-Early Republican Period : In the Relations with the Shanghai International Settlement  Full Text: External   133-143
The Media in Qingdao in the Period of the First Japanese Occupation of China (1914-1922)  Full Text: External   145-156
A Study of Intermediary Agents, in Mokpo in the Changes of Marine Products Trade  157-172