The bulletin of the Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University 55 (20061201)

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The Bulletin of the Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University (Information)  Full Text: CiNii   
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日本獣医畜産大学研究報告第53号(2004)正誤表  Full Text: CiNii   
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The quality of calf milk replacer  Full Text: CiNii    1-36
Academic frontier project of nippon veterinary and life science university : "Development of preventive veterinary medicine using genome and proteome analysis"  Full Text: CiNii    37-43
Usefulness of the radiotherapy for dogs and cats with malignant tumor  Full Text: CiNii    44-48
Relation between cancer cells and activated fibroblast  Full Text: CiNii    49-51
A comparison of captive chimpanzee mother's and adult daughter's maternal behavior  Full Text: CiNii    52-60
Possible pathogenic role of peri-infarct glial cells in the progression of delayed infarct expansion after permanent focal cerebral ischemia in mice  Full Text: CiNii    61-69
Food situation in the "Secret Annex" as revealed by the entries concerning food in "The Diary of a Young Girl : The Definitive Edition" (Part III) : Food list of entries in the diary concerning the food situation  Full Text: CiNii    70-79
Using E-Learning for Developing Reading Skills : Effects of Effective Reading  Full Text: CiNii    80-88
Effects of Long-Term Zinc-Deficient Feeding to the Growth of Rats  Full Text: CiNii    89-98
Infectivity of Cryptosporidium muris and C. parvum to zinc deficient rats and mice  Full Text: CiNii    99-103
Changes in fructooligosaccharide content of yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) tuberous roots during storage  Full Text: CiNii    104-111
A Case Study of how Students Returning from China Understand the Meaning of Expressions : Based on the Understanding of Pronouns in Husserl's Theory of Language  Full Text: CiNii    112-120
Studies of Insulin Resistance During the Luteal Phase in Dogs  Full Text: CiNii    121-122
Studies on Fusarium infection of cultured prawn in Vietnam and Japan  Full Text: CiNii    123-125
Studies on morphological, biological and molecular characteristics of Aphanomyces piscicida isolated from warm-water fishes  Full Text: CiNii    126-129
Studies on the molecular epidemiology and the cell invasion ability of Listeria monocytogenes isolated from meat  Full Text: CiNii    130-132
Comparative studies on the developmental process of the long bone of the Antarctic minke whale, Balanenoptera bonaerensis and terrestrial mammals (cats and cattle)  Full Text: CiNii    133-136
Depolymerization of Actin Filaments Induces Polymerization of Microtubules  Full Text: CiNii    137-140
Studies on the effect of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) to wound in dogs  Full Text: CiNii    141-143
Studies on the Functional and Morphological Characteristics of Canine Pituitary Adenoma  Full Text: CiNii    144-146
Studies on pathophysiology of post operative neurological dysfunction in dogs with portosystemic shunts  Full Text: CiNii    147-149
Studies on Sertoli cell tumors in canine cryptorchid testes  Full Text: CiNii    150-152
Studies on the Functional Stabilization Procedures for Stifle Joint in Dogs with Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture  Full Text: CiNii    153-155
Studies on the genetic diagnosis and the molecular epidemiology of mumps virus infection  Full Text: CiNii    156-158
Studies on characteristics of diarrhal Escherichia coli isolate from the rectal feces of healthy beef and dairy cattle and calves on commercial farms  Full Text: CiNii    159-162
Studies on Salmonella contamination and its control in the oilmeal manufacturing plant  Full Text: CiNii    163-165
Effects of methamphetamine on central nervous and immune systems in rats, mice and monkeys  Full Text: CiNii    166-169
An epidemiological investigation of Q fever (Coxiellosis) in human, dogs and cats in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and studies on the development of an effective detection method for Coxiella burnetii in foodstuffs  Full Text: CiNii    170-172
Studies on the morphological and immunological responses in the gut mucosa during the colonization of enteric microflora into germfree mice  Full Text: CiNii    173-177
第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会 一般演題  Full Text: CiNii    178-179
第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会 教育講演  Full Text: CiNii    179
第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会 ハイテク・リサーチ・センター共催シンポジウム  Full Text: CiNii    179
1.犬の肝臓原発軟骨肉腫の一例(一般講演,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    180
2.フェレットの骨髄性白血病の2例(一般講演,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    180
3.牛の上部気道におけるMannheimia heamolyticaの分離と薬剤感受性(一般講演,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    181
4.ウシ乳房炎早期診断における一起因性の迅速検査法の検討(一般講演,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    181
5.アレルギー性皮膚炎患者由来ブドウ球菌に対する各種Curcuma属の抗菌作用の検討(一般講演,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    182
6.ラットにおける脳・脊髄一括採取法(一般講演,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    182
7.中枢神経に対する重粒子線照射がラットの生殖能へおよぼす影響(一般講演,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    183
8.犬の椎間板逸脱症罹患症例の逸脱椎間板物質におけるRunx2の発現について(一般講演,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    183-184
9.徐放化bFGFゼラチンマイクロスフェアの犬全層皮膚欠損に対する投与効果(一般講演,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    184
10.臨床家としてのデータ処理の試み(一般講演,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    184-185
11.犬LAK細胞の細胞障害性の測定について(一般講演,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    185
12.犬の前立腺腫瘍に対するTea Tree Oil Medical-Aの治療効果(一般講演,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    185-186
13.犬の正常精巣,潜在精巣およびセルトリ細胞腫の組織中におけるheat shock protein70濃度およびsuperoxide dismutase活性値の検討(一般講演,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    186
1.プリオン病とBSE(牛海綿状脳症)(教育講演,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    187
2.BSEと食の安全(教育講演,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    187-188
3.ペット関連業界の経済分析(教育講演,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    188
4.大型犬の関節疾患に対する外科的治療の現状(教育講演,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    188-192
5.関節軟骨の代謝と関節炎の病態生理(教育講演,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    192-193
6.関節疾患並びに関節外科における疼痛管理(教育講演,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    193-194
1.2004および2005年度のハイテクリサーチセンターの研究の概要(ハイテクリサーチセンターシンポジウム,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    195
2.UNDERSTANDING OF ADIPOGENESIS AND LIPOGENESIS IN BEEF CATTLE(Symposium of high-tech research center subjects,Outline of 21th Science Lecture Meeting)  Full Text: CiNii    195-196
3.APPLIED MOLECULAR GENETICS OF PRODUCTION AND BREEDING OF RUMINANTS(Symposium of high-tech research center subjects,Outline of 21th Science Lecture Meeting)  Full Text: CiNii    196-197
4.RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN HOST NUTRITION AND INTERNAL PARASITISM IN RUMINANTS(Symposium of high-tech research center subjects,Outline of 21th Science Lecture Meeting)  Full Text: CiNii    197-198
5.和牛の肥育に伴う血液中の代謝産物量の変動 : 特に脂溶性ビタミンとエネルギー代謝との関連性について(ハイテクリサーチセンターシンポジウム,第21回日本獣医畜産大学学術交流会)  Full Text: CiNii    199
日本獣医生命科学大学業績一覧  Full Text: CiNii    200-256
「日本獣医生命科学大学研究報告」投稿規程  Full Text: CiNii    257
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