IEICE technical report The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers 108(138) (20080710)

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表紙  Full Text: CiNii   
目次  Full Text: CiNii   
A Scalable Server Data Authentication Scheme for Sensor Networks  Full Text: CiNii    1-6
A Sensor Network with AI (Artificial Intelligence)  Full Text: CiNii    7-12
TomuDB : A Database Magagement System for Distributed Urban Sensors  Full Text: CiNii    13-18
A Security Monitoring System of Detecting Unusual Sounds and Hazardous Situations by Sound Environment Measurement Using Microphone Arrays  Full Text: CiNii    19-26
Nursing support system Using potable telephone  Full Text: CiNii    27-32
Development of Weather Visualization System using Digital Instrument Shelters  Full Text: CiNii    33-38
uMegane : Visualization system of sensor data using AR technology  Full Text: CiNii    39-44
Tasks of Ubiquitous Network Society from Information Quality Perspective : What are user-centric services?  Full Text: CiNii    45-50
フリースケールにおける家電ネットワーク対応への取り組み(ユビキタス・センサネットワークの要素技術,コンテクストの抽出,スマートスペース,ユビキタス生活支援,一般)  Full Text: CiNii    51-56
The issue of Ubiquitous Home  Full Text: CiNii    57-58
Life Log : Food and Living Space  Full Text: CiNii    59-65
Open Sensor Network for Ubiquitous Network Society : Activities in Ubiquitous Networking Forum for Open Sensor Network  Full Text: CiNii    67
Contribution of Personalization to Activity Recognition Accuracy Using Accelerometers in Daily Life  Full Text: CiNii    69-74
Pedestrian Context Inference Using a 3-Axis Accelerometer  Full Text: CiNii    75-80
Detection of Contacting Objects using Low-frequency Wave Propagation  Full Text: CiNii    81-86
Single-camera based gaze tracking in wide-area and its applications in gaze-interactive systems  Full Text: CiNii    87-92
Mechanism for Sharing Media Content in Multiple Home Network Environments  Full Text: CiNii    93-98
A Service Interface for Remote Management and Services in Home Networks  Full Text: CiNii    99-104
A Traveling Wave-based Data Gathering Scheme Adaptive to Sensing Requirements for Wireless Sensor Networks  Full Text: CiNii    105-110
The Fast Available Bandwidth Measurement in wireless multi-hop network based on the switching control of probing-destination  Full Text: CiNii    111-116
Ultrasonic-based 3D Tracking System using a Single Beacon  Full Text: CiNii    117-122
Location Inference Based on Reliability of Sensors  Full Text: CiNii    123-128
An Approach to Room Layout Estimation for Indoor Localization System  Full Text: CiNii    129-134
A Study on Fully-distributed localization alghorithm in wireless sensor networks  Full Text: CiNii    135-139
Distributed Localization with Unknown Attenuation Coefficient in Wireless Sensor Networks  Full Text: CiNii    141-145
User's Location Estimation Method based on Received Signal Strength Indicator between Bluetooth devices  Full Text: CiNii    147-152
A Wireless LAN Location Estimation Method based on Constrained Conditions in Subway  Full Text: CiNii    153-157
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Notice for Photocopying  Full Text: CiNii   
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