IEICE technical report The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers 111(134) (20110707)

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XML-Less EXI : Design and Implementation of EXI-based Protocols on Embedded Devices and Home Appliances  Full Text: CiNii    1-8
SVD-based data compression for Hierarchical Sensor Networks  Full Text: CiNii    9-16
ALATA : An Active-Learning-based Annotation Tool for Activity Recognition Systems  Full Text: CiNii    17-24
Human Behavior Estimation from Power Consumption Patterns of appliances over Smart Tap Network  Full Text: CiNii    25-30
Energy on Demand over SmartTap Network  Full Text: CiNii    31-36
On the Use of Sensors for the Detection and Resolution of Conflicts Between Services in the Home Network Environment  Full Text: CiNii    37-42
A Management Method of Items in Display Shelf by Cooperative Communications between Advanced IC Tags with Ad Hoc Communication  Full Text: CiNii    43-48
Weighted RSSI Based Indoor Positioning Method considering Radio Wave Condition  Full Text: CiNii    49-54
Method for Select Thumbnail of Folder using Color Information in Document Image  Full Text: CiNii    55-60
A Scheduling Algorithm for High Throughput Bulk Transfer in Wireless Sensor Networks  Full Text: CiNii    61-66
Evaluation of a High-Fidelity Synchronized Sampling for Wireless Sensor Networks  Full Text: CiNii    67-72
Multiple LED Arrays Recognition Using Block Matching for Road-to-Vehicle Visible Light Communication  Full Text: CiNii    73-78
Lupe: Information Access Method based on Distance between User and Objects using AR technology.  Full Text: CiNii    79-84
A Study on Dependability Enhancement for Ubiquitous Sensor Network  Full Text: CiNii    85-90
Comparative evaluation of information dissemination methods for effective and efficient information sharing in wireless sensor networks  Full Text: CiNii    91-96
Estimating Time Synchronization Error Distribution on Wireless Sensor Networks  Full Text: CiNii    97-102
Response time reduction of the acceleration base activity recognition by the detecting activity changing point  Full Text: CiNii    103-110
People Identification Based on Sitting Patterns  Full Text: CiNii    111-117
Prevention Support System for Baseball player's throwing injuries  Full Text: CiNii    119-125
Supporting Intellectual Collaboration Using Network Context  Full Text: CiNii    127-132
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