Japanese journal of social services Japanese Society for the Study of Social Welfare (3) (20030900)

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Japanese Journal of Social Services(Information)  Full Text: CiNii   
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Problems of the General Rules of the Social Welfare Law : Object, Purpose and Ideal  Full Text: CiNii    1-11
Social Inclusion Philosophy in Japan as the "Breakthrough"  Full Text: CiNii    13-25
Increase in Verbalization of an Elderly Person by Using Behavior Modification Therapy in Japanese Nursing Home  Full Text: CiNii    27-32
One Approach to Understanding the Structure of Values and Philosophies Shared by Dialysis Patients in Terms of Daily Activity  Full Text: CiNii    33-45
Service Satisfaction for the Japanese Elderly in the Residential Care Settings : Relationships between the Category-Specific Aspects of Service Satisfaction and Overall Service Satisfaction  Full Text: CiNii    47-54
Value Young Japanese Place on Support for Their Aged Parents  Full Text: CiNii    55-66
Three Models of Employment Policy for People with Disabilities : A Comparative Study between Seven Countries  Full Text: CiNii    67-78
A Study on Support in Residential Home for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities  Full Text: CiNii    79-92
Caring for Deprived Children in Japan  Full Text: CiNii    93-105
Family and Aging Across the Globe : from the standpoint of a Japanese social gerontologist  Full Text: CiNii    107-121
Social Work and Changes in the Structure of the Japanese Family  Full Text: CiNii    123-131
Improving School Social Work Practice for Students Refusing to Attend School  Full Text: CiNii    133-148
Multicultural Socjal Work in Japan : The Need for Development  Full Text: CiNii    149-162
Study of the Interrelationship between a Community Organization and the Medical & Livelihood Co-op as seen in the Restoration Work after the Great Earthquake of Hanshin  Full Text: CiNii    163-172
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