Osaka Keidai ronshu Osaka University of Economics 50(4) (19991115)

 CiNii Books

<Translation>HelmutKoopmann: Doktor Faustus  419-447
<Translation>The Spectator (14) - No.126- No.135 -  381-418
<Translation>Shorter Poems by P.B.Shelly 6  327-379
<Note>The Workers and the Revolution  313-326
Learner Levels and Attitudes Towards English: Looking at SocialScience and Business AdministrationMajors  297-312
Local Environmental Policy and CitizenParticipation in Sweden - Conditions for Successful Local Agenda21 -  267-295
The Viewpoint of the Students Who are the Workers aswell  229-265
The Present Phase in the Environmental Problem andthe Creation of New Political = economical Systems (8)  199-228
The Sohei in the Early Years of Meiji  490-449
AStudy on Taxation Using Outward Criteria as the Tax Base of theEnterprise Tax on Corporation (II)  87-198
The Logicof Civil Economy  59-86
The "Field" inSocial Systems  27-58
A criticism of the equilibrium theory ofreproduction (Suite)  1-25