Osaka Daigaku keizaigaku = The Economic review of Osaka University Osaka University 50(2/3) (20001200)

 CiNii Books

Official Technical Experts in the Prussian Railways : An Archetype of the German Railway Enginner  1-20
On the Stationarity of Real Exchange Rates in a Floating Exchange Rate Regime:An Alternative Test of Purchasing Power Parity  21-34
An Improvement in product quality and the effective demand effect  35-45
The Reorganization of the Founders' Associations in the Meiji Osaka  46-67
A Study on the Auditor Systems in the Western Countries around mid-19th Century : From the Viewpoint of the influence to the Auditor System in the Early Meiji Japan  68-78
Formulation of the Production Functions with Constant Price Elasticity of Supply for Use in Applied General Equilibrium Models  79-89
A Historical Re-examination on Human Activities of Organizing and Organization Theory : Evaluating Them from the Complementary Viewpoint  90-115
A Study of the Coordination Problem in New Product Development : From the Viewpoints of "Ability Balance" and "Core Language"  116-128
On the Determinants of Yield Spreads of Corporate Bonds  129-152
Equilibrium in a Security Trading Model  153-168
The Position and Strategies of the Hawaiian Sugar Industry within the US Internal Sugar Market--With a Particular Emphasis on the Pre-World War II  169-192