Gakushuin historical review Gakushuin University 20 (19821200)

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The Rise of Indian Nationalism in Colonial Malaya  1-22
The Land Development and Domain Formation by Privileged Temples in the Early Medieval Japan : in the Case of Yagawa and Yanase Villages, Nabari Coutry, Iga Province  23-49
A Consideration on the Edo-Furegashira : centering around the Shugen Honzan Sect  50-65
The Anarchism in the Early Republic of China : concerning Liu Si-fu's Theory of Socialism  66-75
山中清孝著『近世武州名栗村の構造』  76-79
飯田悠紀子著『保元・平治の乱』(教育社歴史新書)  80-82
岡田清一著『中世相馬氏の基礎的研究 : 東国武士団の成立と展開』  82-82
[ク]末集発行世話人会 『〓末集』  83-84
General Catalogue No.1-20  86-90
Miscellany  91-97